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Creating a good network citizenship document

I.T. professionals understand things like network security, bandwidth, and the chain of support that results from a good help desk system. But what about your average employee? The average employee often lacks basic skills in good network citizenship. This articles describes how to write a good network citizenship document to bridge that gap.

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Have your tried to record a VoIP conversation? Here is a solution.

There are many products in the market which can record VoIP calls into MP3 or WAV files with data and information encrypted and password protected. Here is one that can enhance the experience. Having an on-line call, you will encounter such a case. There is no device to record your conversation, then some important messages that you want to have a [Read More...]

The Golden Key: Single Sign-On Technology.

Single Sign-On authentication can eliminate user and administrator headaches.
Chew on this statistic: Spending on identity and access management will grow from about $2.6 billion in 2006 to more than $12.3 billion by 2014 (including revenues from both products and implementation services) according to a 2008 Forrester study on the identity management market. That’s $12.3 billion to bridge securely the Internet Age moats around our castles, but it does not include the cost of aspirin for headaches that password issues cause network administrators and users alike.

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A true “ComputerUser” success story!

A success story by an avid and dedicated reader. The power in "You" the User.

April 24, 2009: Meeting you at the Go Green Expo last week in NYC was a true honor. Your magazine played a large part in my professional development several years ago when I directed the IT operations of both national and international corporations. I have been able to advance my career, building upon the educational foundation Computer User helped me create. I would eagerly read Computer User to find its recommendations regarding which technologies/software/language, etc. would be in future demand, and I planned accordingly. The professional development advice provided by Computer User helped me navigate a pathway filled with many options. It also gave me the knowledge to confidently excel in senior management positions, and eventually become an entrepreneur who continues to use the knowledge I gained with Computer User’s assistance.

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Close the Gate: Keep Malware Out !

What is at risk? Not just the convenience of e-mail or a fast network, but the data in the network and the business itself. Losing data too often creates a financial and operational burden that can scuttle your enterprise, and conventional firewall/antivirus solutions are no longer sufficient against all threats.

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Are you aware of Botnets on your Network?

For many organizations the threat of a botnet operating within their organization is indistinguishable from any kind of malware that has the ability to propagate from one host to another. Unfortunately that lack of understanding can have disastrous consequences for the business.

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5 Ways to Avoid Adware and Malware

Beware! New adware and malware threats are identified all the time, and even regular browsing can leave computers exposed. Here's what to do

Most people have systems in place to protect their computers and vital information when they’re browsing the Internet. However, with new adware and malware threats identified regularly, any browsing can leave a computer exposed, especially if the user is unaware of what to look out for. Since adware and malware removal are more difficult than prevention, it makes sense to be educated and prevent a malware infection before it happens.

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PC Tools/Tips for playing safe for the digitally active!

1. PRACTICE SAFE EX-CHANGES – Be careful with e- cards While many people trade e- cards on Valentine’s Day, birthdays and special occasions, be careful about opening e-cards and the associated links—even during an IM or social networking chat. Check the address of the link carefully before clicking on it. If the email or IM is [Read More...]

Swift Decision Quick Action by using Computer

For quick decision making, the use of right computer tool is important. Analyzing various alternatives and find out the best solution is prudent decision making. Modern computer tools can give added value. Gone were the days when decision making processes were done manually. With the advent of advanced computer technology, difficult corporate [Read More...]

What you can do to minimize the threat

Never forgetting September 11, 2001 means Understanding the Threat by taking proactive steps to harden businesses against external threats, increasing security awareness and the risk of Workplace Violence, merging the employment of security technology with employee 1. The Security Consultant's Perspective… Never forgetting September 11, [Read More...]
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