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Tech Matters Institute

Brian Nichelson knew there had to be a better way. Tired of seeing people struggle with technology, he decided to do something about it, by starting consulting firm TechMatters Institute. [Read More...]

Quick draw

The worst thing about bringing a laptop into meetings is that you lose the ability to doodle while the speaker drones. No worries, the good old days are back again. [Read More...]

Quiet on the set

The rise of digital video has brought amateur filmmakers into the big time. Do yourself a favor if you want to look pro: read this book. [Read More...]

Detroit Electronic Expo

Usually, ComputerUser features profiles with company executives who, for lack of a better word, are real. But what's the point of having so much technology around us if we can't create a few interesting people every once in a while? [Read More...]

Roam if you want to

The ability to roam freely while on the phone should never be taken for granted. Neither should a really good headset designed for this very purpose. [Read More...]

Help wanted

The job situation may still look bleak, but there are some lights on the horizon for those techies willing to hold on a bit longer. [Read More...]


As electronic data becomes the norm, specialists in computer forensics are working to hone their information retrieval skills. DataClues has the experts on call. [Read More...]

Staying in the job pool

The motto for is: Think Big. Be Happy. It may seem like just another slogan to some, but Jeff Taylor thinks it's a directive that jobseekers should take to heart. [Read More...]

Globe College

Although the Minnesota School of Business and Globe College is adept at teaching students how to tackle the business world, it's recently become interested in virtual worlds, as well. [Read More...]

Paid to play

Game development is a hot area in a cool tech climate. If you're ready for a new career, here's a question: Have you got game? [Read More...]

Prime Visibility

Once a Web site gets created and tweaked, it won't do to just sit back and hope that people visit. Heavy site traffic requires serious marketing strategy, as Prime Visibility well knows. [Read More...]
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