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Brave Announces Coming Browser With Support for Chrome Extensions

Brave, an open source web browser by Mozilla’s co-founder that claims to block ads and trackers, in addition to facilitating cryptocurrency-based micro-transactions between content consumers and producers, has announced development plans for its upcoming 1.0 release. The new release will transition to being based on Chromium – making it [Read More...]

NY Legal Firm Launches Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker

New York-based legal firm, Morrison Cohen LLP, has launched what it calls the “Moco Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker.” The tracker seeks to provide updates and information on all active legal proceedings in the United States involving cryptocurrency companies, yielding greater transparency regarding the legal embroilments of companies [Read More...]

Eight Ways to Profit in a Crypto Bear Market

If the crypto winter has placed your altcoin trading on ice, you were never a trader to begin with. Any fool can make money in a bull market, but bear markets are where knowledge is gained and future profits are carved. Also read: Wendy McElroy: How Centralized Exchanges Intend to Devastate You Bear Markets Are Best Markets There’s an [Read More...]

Many Brits Confuse Cryptocurrency with Something Else

According to a new poll, many British people have little or no idea what cryptocurrency really is. Terms like “blockchain” sound familiar, but often in completely different contexts. The authors of the study have compiled a “Techionary” to acquaint the public with some common acronyms and buzzwords. Also read: Financial Professionals Bet [Read More...]

Test Drive: New Cryptocurrency Mobile App ‘Circle Invest’

This week gave the beta version of the new Circle Invest application a trial on Apple’s Testflight platform. The new Circle app aims to be a Coinbase competitor by the looks of the user interface as the platform has a lot of similarities. See also: How to Buy Bitcoin When You’re Underage The Circle Invest App On Testflight [Read More...]

US Bitcoin Trader Convicted for Illegal Money Transmission and Laundering

The U.S. government has been cracking down on individuals utilizing the peer-to-peer platform Localbitcoins. This week an Arizona resident named Thomas Costanzo was convicted for money laundering tied to over $164,000 worth of cryptocurrency trades. Also Read: Arizona Localbitcoins Trader Detained by U.S. Homeland Security Two Years Worth of BTC [Read More...]

Report Details Surge in Crypto Mining on College Campuses

A report published by cybersecurity company Vectra has detailed what it describes as an “alarming surge in cryptocurrency mining on college campuses.” Also Read: Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Lose Over 20 Percent This Week  Colleges Become Hotbed for Mining Activities Vectra’s report asserts that opportunistic students, malicious [Read More...]

Cambodia’s Crypto Industry Marches Forward Despite Legal Grey Area

Cambodia’s cryptocurrency sector appears to be marching forward, despite the absence of clear regulatory guidelines pertaining to virtual currencies.  Also Read: PBOC to Strengthen Cryptocurrency Regulations in 2018 Regulatory Ambiguity Fails to Deter Cambodia’s Cryptocurrency Sector A report published by The Phnom Penh Post suggests that [Read More...]

New ESMA Measures Impose 2:1 Restriction on Leverage for Crypto CFDs

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has announced that it will impose restrictions on the leverage offered for contracts-for-difference (CFDs) and binary options offered to European retail investors. Under the new measures, the leverage offered on cryptocurrency CFDs will be limited to no more than 2:1. Also Read: PBOC to [Read More...]

Russians Owe 13% Tax on Their Crypto Incomes

Russian citizens are expected to pay 13 percent tax on their crypto-related incomes. Amendments to the tax code are currently being prepared. The exact rates should be confirmed by the end of the year. However, lawyers have warned that even now citizens risk criminal prosecution if they fail to report gains from dealings with cryptocurrencies. [Read More...]

Wendy McElroy: How Centralized Exchanges Intend to Devastate You

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 2: The Moral Imperative of Privacy Chapter 6: Privacy is a Prerequisite for Human Rights How Centralized Exchanges Intend to Devastate You. Chapter 6, Part 6. The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work…We have to trust them [Read More...]

PBOC to Strengthen Cryptocurrency Regulations in 2018

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC)’s Institute of International Finance has released a report identifying cryptocurrencies as a top priority for 2018. The document claims that widespread retail investment into cryptocurrencies has the potential to pose systemic risk to the Yuan, and also emphasizes the PBOC’s intention to expand its research [Read More...]
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