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Bitcoin Emits Less Carbon Than Previously Claimed, New Study Finds

Bitcoin has been regularly attacked for its energy-intensive mining process, powered by serious amounts of electricity. It’s been claimed that it leaves a carbon foot print comparable to that of a large city or even a small country, an allegation that often finds its way to the headlines of mainstream media outlets. But a new study proves the [Read More...]

What’s at Stake With Masternode Coins?

“Masternode” is a term that echoes less often in the cryptosphere these days, but not because user-controlled nodes have fallen out of favor. Rather, the nomenclature has shifted, with “staking” now used to describe the array of blockchains that fall under this banner. As an examination of proof-of-stake chains shows, masternode coins are [Read More...]

Here Are Some Fun Things to Do With Bitcoin Cash

The best use for any currency would be to spend it on things you need or even better, enjoy. And spending has to be easy and inexpensive too. Bitcoin cash has these characteristics and brings them to the digital money world. They have been acknowledged by crypto users who appreciate fast and low cost transactions. There’s a bunch of interesting [Read More...]

Maduro Plans to Give Venezuelan Pensioners Petro as Christmas Bonus

Regional news outlets from Venezuela have revealed that President Nicolás Maduro plans to dole out petro as a ‘Christmas bonus’ for Venezuelan retirees and pensioners. Moreover, despite the fact that many Venezuelans say average citizens don’t use the petro, Maduro also claims there are 27,000 petro affiliated businesses. Also read: Indian [Read More...]

Paypal CEO Admits He Owns Bitcoin

The CEO of Paypal, Daniel Schulman, has revealed in an interview that he personally owns bitcoin. He also talked about Paypal’s plans regarding cryptocurrency, how to achieve mass adoption, and why Paypal decided to leave Facebook’s Libra project. Also read: US to Strictly Enforce Crypto Rules Similar to FATF Guidelines Schulman Owns Bitcoin [Read More...]

Devs Reveal BCH Cashchannels and Simple Escrow Contracts

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have been introduced to two new concepts that allow people to leverage the BCH network in a variety of innovative ways. On November 15, former Bitpay developer Jason Dreyzehner revealed his recurring payments system for BCH called Cashchannels. A few days later, on November 18, Karol Trzeszczkowski published a plugin [Read More...]

Cash Games Adds Dozens of New Options for You to Play

Online gaming is a big global industry and one that had a major role in the early adoption of cryptocurrency. has long offered a platform for players to use their digital assets on classic games and recently it greatly expanded the scope of options available. Also Read: Wallet App Marks Over Five Million Wallets Created [Read More...]
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