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Bitcoin Cash Wiki Article Suffers From Edit Warring and Vandalism

There’s a constant feud these days between Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents right down to the nitty-gritty of nearly every topic in the space, and the arguments continue to this day, relentlessly. One such example is the Bitcoin Cash article hosted on Wiki has been page protected for a couple weeks now for [Read More...]

Japanese Forex Giant GMO to Launch New UK Crypto Trading App

Japanese brokers already dominate the global online retail FX and CFD market by trading volumes. And it now looks like they will try to leverage their country’s receptive regulatory environment to expand internationally with crypto too. The latest example is an app in the UK created by two groups headquartered in Tokyo. Also Read: Bitcoin in [Read More...]

Coinbase Valuation Jumps from $1.6 Billion to as High as $8 Billion

The meteoric price rally by bitcoin in 2017 has made a lot of people very rich, and perhaps no one more than the owners of the trading venues themselves. Coinbase, which was valued at around $1.6 billion less than a year ago, is now priced at $8 billion by its investors.   Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: IOTA Ditched, Bitcoin Taking Over [Read More...]

SEC Official Criticizes State of ICO Industry, Open to Regulated Future

United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner, Robert Jackson, has expressed his belief that initial coin offerings (ICOs) will be legitimized under existing securities legislation. Despite the optimistic outlook, the commissioner has criticized the current state of the ICO industry. Also Read: Taxis Take BCH, Stores Sell [Read More...]

London-Based LBX Exchange Adds Bitcoin Cash to Its Offerings

London Block Exchange has listed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) among its cryptocurrency offerings. The platform dedicated to the UK market now trades six cryptocurrencies against the GBP. LBX opened with OTC trades in November and promised to add multiple new coins in the future. The exchange also offers on-shore UK banking. Also [Read More...]

Crypto Company Sends Bitcoin Mining Into the Stratosphere

A crypto mining company has sent a balloon into the stratosphere to mine bitcoin on the edge of space, reaching over 35,000 meters in altitude. The company also shared the results of its survey on what the price of bitcoin would be this year. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Space Launch PR Stunt Miner One launched [Read More...]

Six Alternatives to Telegram for Cryptocurrency Communities

Telegram is great…when it works. Unfortunately, the crypto world’s favorite messaging app is prone to periodically going down due to technical failures and what seems like repeated attempts by the Russian security services to meddle. Over-reliance on Telegram is a classic case of over-centralization. For cryptocurrency projects seeking a [Read More...]

Japanese Regulator Confirms 8 Crypto Exchanges Want Out, 100 Want In

The Japanese financial regulator has confirmed that so far eight companies have expressed the intention to withdraw their applications to operate cryptocurrency exchanges. Meanwhile, about 100 more companies are seeking to enter the market. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space FSA Confirms Eight Want Out The Japanese [Read More...]

Taxis Take BCH, Stores Sell BTC in the Russian City of Rostov

Residents of Rostov, the Russian port city on the Don River, are enjoying a growing number of bitcoin-related services. Some crypto-savvy taxi drivers have started accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and several BTC teller machines have been installed in supermarkets. All that happens while officials in Moscow are still mulling over the legislation [Read More...]

Binance to Invest $15 Million in Bermuda as Crypto Regulations Advance

While some governments say they see the potential future benefits of a local cryptocurrency hub, more proactive jurisdictions are already reaping the rewards. The latest example comes from Bermuda, which is rapidly advancing its receptive crypto regulations and strengthening the local economy.   Also Read: Hong Kong Alcohol Company Buys 51% of [Read More...]

Iran Continues to Develop State Cryptocurrency Despite Central Bank Ban

Iran has been developing its own cryptocurrency, a project which has yielded an experimental local crypto, despite the country’s central bank banning banks from dealing with cryptocurrencies. Iran’s Information and Communications Technology Minister has shed light on the project, commented on its alleged use to evade sanctions, and clarified [Read More...]

Hungarian and Peruvian Localbitcoins Markets Post Record Volume

The Localbitcoins markets of several nations have produced significant spikes in recent weeks, with the peer-to-peer (P2P) markets of Hungary, Peru, and Venezuela establishing new all-time highs for volume when measuring in trade in fiat currency. Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief Monday: Outage Downs Telegram, Bitcoin Shines on a Bank P2P Markets of [Read More...]
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