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PBOC Plans to Continue “Rectifying Cryptocurrency Activity” in China

Last year the Chinese government cracked down on initial coin offerings (ICO) and stopped all domestic cryptocurrency exchanges from dealing with the renminbi. According to local reports and the central bank’s recent ‘2018 agenda,’ the People’s Bank of China aims to finish what it started in 2017 by “rectifying” all virtual currency [Read More...]

ASIC Resistance Increasingly Hot Topic in Crypto as Monero Forks

Monero, a leading privacy-centric cryptocurrency, has undergone a hard fork in recent days – producing a new Monero chain in addition to the now renamed ‘Monero Classic’. The fork was initiated to protect Monero against mining centralization, as Bitmain had developed ASIC units purpose-built for mining XMR tokens. Also Read: “Private [Read More...]

First Soros, Now Rockefellers Move into Cryptocurrency

First, if reports are to be believed, legendary investor George Soros was found to be investing in cryptocurrency. Now, Venrock, a 3 billion USD venture capital firm owned by storied American family, the Rockefellers, have taken to crypto.  Also read: George Soros Is Rumored to Be Investing in Cryptocurrency First Soros, Now Rockefellers’ $3 [Read More...]

Bitcoin Prediction Market Fairlay Sees Sizable Volumes

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the concept of prediction markets is a topical subject. There are a few projects in the works hoping to build decentralized prediction markets such as Augur and Hivemind. One particular project, although not fully ‘trustless’ at the moment, Fairlay, has been moving a staggering amount of volume over the past [Read More...]

Coindcx Launches Indian Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange Amid Regulations

This week the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the country’s central bank, has banned banks from dealing with cryptocurrency businesses. Indian financial institutions have three months to cease doing business with digital asset operations but some of them may stop facilitating INR settlements. spoke with Sumit Gupta the founder and [Read More...]

Bitcoin in Brief Sunday: Stablecoin v Stablecoin

Today’s Bitcoin in Brief provides some leisurely Sunday reading for anyone who has a life to live outside of crypto. We curate the best stories from the past 24 hours and condense them into a daily digest so you can stay in the loop in less time than it takes to boil a kettle. In today’s episode: Twitter scams are back, monero goes fork crazy, [Read More...]

Here’s Why Kazakhstan Won’t Ban Mining and Cryptocurrencies

This is an Op-ed article. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own. does not endorse nor support views, opinions or conclusions drawn in this post. Over the past few days, crypto media have been stirred up by the news that the government of Kazakhstan is considering a ban on cryptocurrency mining. This was alleged [Read More...]

These Are the Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of 2018

Picking a winner in this year’s crypto markets has been a tough task. With assets deprecated across the board, even the best performing coins are in the red. To put it more accurately then, these are the least worst performing cryptocurrencies of 2018. Also read: Eight Ways to Profit in a Crypto Bear Market None of the Top 20 Cryptos Have Held [Read More...]

Wendy McElroy: Do Not Passively Nationalize Your Privacy

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 2: The Moral Imperative of Privacy Chapter 6: Privacy is a Prerequisite for Human Rights Do Not Passively Nationalize Your Privacy. Chapter 6, Part 7 “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it [Read More...]

Tax Paying Americans Owe $25 Billion in Cryptocurrency

Tax season in the U.S. is here, and many citizens who use or hold cryptocurrencies are clamoring around trying to figure out how to file their capital gains taxes. According to reports from Fundstrat’s analyst Tom Lee, cryptocurrencies represent roughly 20 percent of last years U.S. capital gains. Also Read: Emin Gün Sirer Discusses [Read More...]

More Bitcoin ETF Teasing, Encouraging Signs Emerge

The cryptocurrency ecosystem was sent abuzz this week as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published a report of two new applications for bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Arca. Will the crypto gods finally answer some enthusiasts’ prayers for mainstream adoption? Also [Read More...]

England: Unauthorized Crypto Futures and ICOs are Criminal Offences

In a statement released 6 April 2018, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of England attempted to clarify its jurisdiction in the ever-booming cryptocurrency industry. While acknowledging cryptos are “not currently” regulated by the bureau, crypto futures, contracts for difference (CFDs), options, and initial coin offerings (ICOs) do indeed [Read More...]

Two Crypto Exchanges Suspended by Japan’s Financial Regulator

The Financial Services Authority of Japan has imposed penalties on three cryptocurrency exchanges following inspections of trading platforms in the country. Two of them have been ordered to suspend operations. Officials are not satisfied with the measures implemented to prevent money laundering and systemic risks.    Also read: CEO of Korean [Read More...]
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