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Upgrade Time: Bitcoin Cash Plans a 32 MB Hard Fork

This week the Bitcoin ABC developers officially announced the much anticipated Bitcoin Cash network hard fork on May 15. In addition to the statement from the development team, the codebase for the client Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 has also been made available with the newly added consensus rules. Also read: New Karate Combat League Arena Features [Read More...]

ADS Securities Adds Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple CFDs

Cryptocurrency CFDs are now a must-have feature for all online retail brokers in order to retain clients judging by the scope of the industry that is adding the instrument. The international brokerage ADS securities is now offering five different cryptocurrencies to its traders.  Also Read: Bitcoin Mules Flood China as OTC Cryptocurrency Trading [Read More...]

SBI Bits Jerry Chan Discusses the Lightning Network and Colored Coins

At the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Japan’s Jake Smith interviewed Jerry Chan the lead executive for SBI Group’s fintech arm ‘SBI Bits.’ Chan explains what SBI Bits is involved in and how it had embraced blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions. Also read: New Study: 80% of ICOs are Scams, Only 8% Reach an [Read More...]

New Bitcoin-Only Shop Open in New Hampshire

Derrick J. Freeman and Steven Zeiler founded what they claim is the first crypto-only brick and mortar retail establishment in the US, the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe. Visitors pay for merchandise with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. If they don’t have cryptocurrency, the store clerk helps them download and fund their first wallet. They checkout [Read More...]

Former Core Developer Mike Hearn Returns for Some Bitcoin Cash Q&A

On April 5 the former bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn came back to do an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on the Reddit forum /r/btc. It’s been a while since Hearn has chatted with the bitcoin community, and one could say he left the development scene a few years ago due to the vitriolic strife over the scaling debate. Hearn explains ever since the birth [Read More...]

Bitcoin in Brief Friday: Satoshi’s Birthday and Tezos Turmoil

Welcome to the Friday edition of Bitcoin in Brief. The fourth instalment of this new feature from is the most eclectic yet, encompassing everything from Satoshi Nakamoto’s faux birthday to juicy snippets from the Tezos lawsuit. According to court documents, the project’s co-founder, Kathleen Breitman is a “one woman band”. [Read More...]

Centralized Ripple Is Probably a Security Token

A primary attraction of decentralized cryptocurrencies is that they’re censorship-resistant. The more centralized a coin is, the easier it is for its supply to be controlled. But there’s another problem with overly-centralized cryptocurrencies such as ripple: they risk being classified as a security, which brings all kinds of problems. Also [Read More...]

Danske Bank Bans Investments in Cryptocurrency-Related Instruments

Leading Danish bank, Danske Bank, has published a document announcing that the company does not wish to “support the investment environment surrounding cryptocurrencies.” Danske bank will “phase out the possibility of” its customers purchasing financial instruments comprising cryptocurrency derivatives. Despite the bank’s concerns [Read More...]

Emin Gün Sirer Discusses Cryptocurrency Academics and Proof-of-Stake

At the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo, our video host Mike Malley chatted with the Cornell CS professor Emin Gün Sirer about on-chain scaling and the Bitcoin Cash network.   Also Read: ABC Developer Amaury Séchet on the Future of Bitcoin Cash The Academic Side of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Solutions Emin Gün [Read More...]

CEO of Korean Exchange Coinnest among Four Arrested for Fraud

South Korean police have arrested four high-ranking representatives of two cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinnest’s CEO. They were detained on arrest warrants issued after a fraud investigation, prosecutors said. The executives are accused of embezzling funds belonging to customers and may face additional charges. Also read: Three South [Read More...]

Iranian Officials Issue Contradictory Statements Regarding Telegram Ban

Telegram’s initial coin offering has been the catalyst of confusion among Iran’s leadership, with conflicting statements regarding a potential ban on Telegram being made by officials. A few days ago, Iranian parliamentarian, Alaeddin Boroujerdi told media that Iran’s “highest level” officials wish to ban Telegram by April 20 due to the [Read More...]
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