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Following Pro Recommendations Pays Off Big Time

It isn’t often that you run across an instance where a company hires professionals to help them with something and then balks at following their recommendations. Such is the case with a company we recently ran across that hired the international marketing firm Key Difference to help increase their presence on the Internet. According to a company [Read More...] releases Cosmos – all-in-one suite of 20+ PC performance tools

Redwood City, CA, June 6, 2012 – (NASDAQ:SPRT) today announced the release of Cosmos™ System Care, an all-in-one suite of the latest tools PC users will need to help clean, optimize and secure Windows® PCs in just a few clicks. Cosmos, which comes in free and professional editions, is wrapped in a simple dashboard that gives users access to more than twenty tools and utilities that keep PCs free of the common “debris” that accumulate over time and help users keep their information safe and secure.

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eBid Exceeds 6 Million Live Listings

Miami, FL - June 6, 2012 - Online Marketplace (, has reached a milestone by surpassing six million live listings, representing a gross auction value of nearly $2.2 billion, and placing it firmly in second-place competition with eBay for person-to-person online listings in the USA, UK and dozens of other countries according to independent metrics.  Competitive features like zero insertion fees and extremely low final value fees, a unique "Make An Offer" button as well as a generous affiliate program and recent territorial expansion into Malaysia and Brazil (to a total of 23 territories, across more than 100 countries and five continents) have all combined to propel eBid into this top bracket.

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Vybe: The Postman For Music Information

Redding, California - February 2- Only three days after its of?cial release in the

iTunes App Store, hip newcomer, Vybe, impressed Apple enough to score a spot in the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes.  Additionally, the application shot past 11,556 other free music apps to number 23, reaching 10,000 registered users within its first week; and it’s still climbing fast.

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Exchange Recovery – Cheer the Conversion Exchange Database To PST Process At Cut Down Prices

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 24, 2011 – With festive and holiday seasons up for Christmas and New Year, this advanced software development company has made provision to give 10% discount on all the products. Suppose user is unable to access data stored in EDB files, then carry out process of conversion Exchange database to PST with Exchange Recovery software. Users can use this application and convert complete damaged, inaccessible, corrupted, unusable, crashed EDB files into PST file format of MS® Outlook easily.
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Online Backup Reviews Selects Top 5 Backup Services for 2012

Lille, France - The top 5 best and most promising online backup services for 2012 have been identified and reviewed by Online Backup Reviews. These exceptional online backup services all provide cloud file storage to ensure that you always have plenty of storage space for your important files "in the cloud." In addition, these 5 services employ stringent data security methods to protect your data from hacking, file corruption and loss. Based on customer satisfaction, services offered and cost of storage, the top 5 online backup services are CloudBerry, SpiderOak, Acronis, iDrive and Egnyte. Each of these great online backup service offers something unique and special to their users that makes them stand out from all other available cloud-based storage platforms.
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Online Eye Exercises

New York, December 12: GlassesOff, a firm striving to help people take their glasses off forever, by improving vision deficiency, introduces a new iPhone app that engages users with online eye exercises. It may be difficult for many of us to believe that it is possible to cure vision deficiency by natural exercises, when our doctors prescribe us corrective lenses and save these exercises for later use. In the modern times, almost everything is possible. The classical Greek philosopher Plato, said, "Necessity, who is the mother of invention"; the quotation once again proves to be true by GlassesOff's innovation.
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Efficient Data Management With Microsoft Hadoop For Windows Azure

One of the main challenges faced by big Corporate business organizations is the inability to process huge volume of unstructured data. On the contrary, data explosion is still on the go with limited hardware and resources to interpret and store it in a very cost effective manner. Microsoft is extending its support to Apache Hadoop by developing its own hadoop distributions for its windows azure server for better management of Big Data. Not only data explosion, but data complexity also makes it difficult for the users to utilize it in a productive and effective manner with proper storage and access management.
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October 03, 2011: There is a problem with Google. Just try researching “how to build a bird house,” and you will see that the websites you get are all trying to sell you e-books. In other words, these are all commercial ventures. You will rarely get a DIY guide that you want. Try this with any other keyword, and you will arrive at the same conclusion. If you are trying to book cheap airline tickets, all you will get are websites trying to sell you tickets. There is hardly any information that tells you about what you should do. This has become a major problem for the people who are browsing the Internet for information. Until now! A new information portal,, is about to change the rules of the game.
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