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The Largest And Busiest Malaysia Business Directory Launched

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia is among the fastest growing countries in the world today. As the rest of the world is fighting off the economic recession and its effects, business here is booming. The country is offering plenty of opportunities in almost all sectors, but leading this is the tourism trade. Hotels, motels, resorts, and restaurants are coming up all across the country, all the time. A company based out of Kuala Lumpur has just announced the launch of the largest online Malaysia business directory to become a part of this growth and success story. If you are visiting the country, as a tourist or on business, 701Panduan can help you find a place to stay. The directory can also help you pick a tour operator in all the 14 states in Malaysia. [Read More...]

Get The Best Of IT Services Miami At Connections For Business

Looking for a reliable IT services Miami? Almost all modern companies rely on computer networks for day-to-day work. However, with technological changes and advancement in IT field, it’s difficult to cope up and you generally end up wasting your time fighting with the computers or waiting for it to be repaired. Whatever problems the network or your computers are giving you, one thing is sure that you are losing both time and money which is requisite for success of any business. The best way to beat with the situation and overcome the frustration and stress is by hiring managed services South Florida firms. They can help you improve operations and then you can concentrate more on your business. [Read More...]

Marketing Messages Can Now Be Delivered By Using QR Codes

Smart Poster is known to offer latest tools and technology platforms to companies and brands to help them achieve their marketing objectives. The latest technology of QR codes combined with NFC technology will enable them to deliver ad, marketing messages, coupons, sale information, and other promotional offers directly in the mobiles of their clients. [Read More...]

Website Maintenance-As Essential As Designing

Getting a website designed is a need of today as it is considered to be one of the best marketing tools. A classically designed website will do what a business development executive might fail to do. With the increasing demand of Internet marketing, people have drawn towards building a website to promote their business worldwide. [Read More...]

The SSL Store Develops Online Module for Easy & Fast Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL)

The SSL Store, one of the world’s largest resellers of SSL security certificates, would like to help the SSL certificate shopper find an easier path to attaining an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for his/her Website. EV is a standard set by the Certificate Authority / Browser (or CA/B) Forum and is most recognizable as the technology that creates the green address bar indicator in the major Internet browsers in any secure portions of a site, an obvious visible cue of a site’s credibility and security. For a sample of how an EV certificate looks, please visit [Read More...]

Empire Air Company Offers Best Corona Air Conditioners Service

Air conditioning system becomes a necessity once the temperature starts to soar. Only experienced homeowners realize that air conditioners service and maintenance should be done before air conditioner or its components become weary. There are a number of air conditioning contractors who can help with AC service and installation. Empire Air Company excels in providing Corona air conditioner repair solutions making sure that your air conditioner always runs in good condition. Empire Air Company also offers service contracts so that you can enjoy peace of mind and also save money. [Read More...]

Crown Molding – A Great Way To Enhance The Looks Of Your Interiors & Exteriors

Sumas, Washington, United States, July 04, 2011: You can now order polyurethane molding, decorative fibers, columns, window and door casing and a wide range of indoor and outdoor molding online. The choices include Greek and Roman fiberglass columns with Tuscan column capitals and bases. PVC column wraps and Craftsman Style porch posts and supports are also abundantly available. along with operates from Sumas Washington and Mission British Columbia and have warehouses spread all over the US. They are the online millwork and crown molding stores for Profile Supply. [Read More...]

Body Fat Percentage Calculator Is Available Free Online

Obesity is not just a condition; it could very well be a disease in itself. In fact, obesity can cause so many illnesses that some experts are of the view that if you can reduce the extra weight, you can effectively extend life. Luckily, most people today realize the importance of reducing weight, and would cut down on the calories they take by changing their diets. There are others who workout rigorously at the gym. [Read More...]

Knowing More About Medical Assistant Salary Through Reputable Portals

Choosing to become a certified medical assistant gives individuals the exciting opportunity to work alongside leading medical professionals and therapists. They are also known as health care professionals and play an important role in all healthcare institutions and hospitals. There are professional medical assistant certification courses available from reputable institutions that help those interested in becoming medical assistants in getting an opening to a career that is both rewarding and good paying in the long run. A medical assistant salary may not seem to be very attractive at the onset but it is expected to be one of the most sought after professions in the near future according to the industry experts. There are portals such as that provide detailed information about everything you want to know about this popular profession.
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The Pixum Fotoalbum – create your Photo Book online today with the right help.

Keulen, Germany, 17th May 2011 : There are many times when individuals are searching through boxes and items stored away when they come across a hoard of old family photos recounting days gone by when fathers still had a full head of hair and mothers shone in all their beauty. Those that are now grown up and have children of their own are captured running carefree along the beach as children themselves. Such memories are priceless and send a warm wave of happy memories flooding back to you.
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Sun Laboratories Offers Quality Sun Tan Lotion

Self-tanning products are these days available in a variety of formulations. In fact, the range of tanning formulations is so wide that choosing the one that can cater right to your skin is quite difficult. Therefore, before you actually go out to choose a sun tan lotion, it is important to figure out the kind of skin you have and the tone of color that will be perfect for you. Finding a suitable self-tanning product is equally important to get a tan without any health risk.
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Near Field Communication (NFC) Will Make Our Lives Easier

Shoppers who were wary of carrying cash while shopping were gifted coupons; those who outgrew coupons were gifted with debit and credit cards. Now the ever-changing IT world brings you the 21st century shopping revolution – Near Field Communication technology. With this technology, your mobile phone becomes a mobile ATM. With NFC technology, you can scan item codes and prices at stores, unlock your car door, configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, and book airline tickets. What’s more, an NFC-enabled phone can read mobile tags embedded in NFC Smart Posters and screens and immediately make related websites and pricelists crop up on you mobile phone screen!
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