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Citadel Information Group Inc., founded by Stan Stahl Ph.D., Partners with thinkAlchemy LLC., founded by Michael Glock Ph.D., to Bring Information Security Management to the Middle Market!

The information that's the lifeblood of your company can be lost, stolen or changed a lot more easily than you think...and firewalls, anti-virus programs, your IT people and passwords alone won't protect you. Michael Glock and Stan Stahl have teamed up in order to provide middle market firms we the strategic and tactical implementation protocols to thwart cyber criminals in their tracks. [Read More...]

Translation Services Firm Increases Sales By Providing Free Content

According to Ken Zwerdling, CEO of Foreign Translations, Inc., a global translation services firm, "Today's savvy Internet user leaves little room to be directed by companies to take a particular course of action. The consumer has become the expert and is in control." We have seen this change of power especially within the real estate industry. Consumers are on-line analyzing local markets and exploring homes via virtual tours with no help from a live individual, all the while making decisions without involving professionals. [Read More...]

DeepSec Conference Warns: Social Engineering Attacks Impending After Social Network Data Theft

The International Security Conference DeepSec (, which will be held from 17 to 20 November in Vienna for the third time, bringing together the world elite from the areas of network security and hacking, is dedicated to espionage and how to avert it. Social engineering is an important topic: "Current data thefts in social networks but also from financial service providers and telecommunications companies can have far-reaching effects taking the form of social engineering attacks that are unpredictable [Read More...]

Should Distracted Driving Laws Apply to All Texas Drivers?

Within the last few years, there has been a growing national focus on how dangerous it is for drivers to talk on cell phones and send and receive text messages while driving. Across the country, there has been a push in state legislatures to pass laws that either outright ban both activities by drivers or limit cell phone use to more experienced, adult drivers using hands-free devices. [Read More...]

Trucking Industry Looking for Exception from Texting Bans

Across the country, there has been a movement at the state and federal levels to ban drivers from sending, receiving and reading text messages while driving. The focus on text messages began in earnest over the summer when the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released a study that found that drivers who text while driving have a 23 times greater risk of being involved in an accident than drivers who do not -- a risk that is far greater than even drinking and driving. [Read More...]

Bicyclist Struck by an Automobile?

As our country tries to become more environmentally conscious or "more green", Americans are searching for ways to leave a smaller footprint on our environment by reducing carbon emissions. We are creating programs such as the recent "cash for clunkers" program where the U.S. government gave cash rebates to consumers who traded in their gas-guzzling motor vehicles in exchange for new more fuel efficient motor vehicles. Likewise, more people are returning to using bicycles, a great form of exercise, for short trips or errands. [Read More...]

Make Sure You Have Animal Coverage Under Your Homeowner’s Policy

Whether you own or rent a home, an apartment or a condominium, if you own a dog, cat, bird, snake or other animal as a part of your family you need to carefully review your homeowner's or renter's insurance to make sure there is not an animal exclusion clause under the policy. Many homeowner's or renter's insurance companies routinely make these clauses part of their policies, which can leave you with a very serious problem if someone is injured due to your animal attacking, biting, scratching or otherwise injuring another person. [Read More...]
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