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“Red hot” reception of Malsha’s iWALK™ line of patented mobile device power solutions and accessories at 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

[1]( Jan 16, 2012) – The response to the new iWALK line of smartphone power solutions and accessories at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been overwhelming, Malsha representatives say. The product line has been enthusiastically praised by booth visitors for its elegant design, the comprehensive array of devices [Read More...]

Wave Accounting Named to CIX List of Most Innovative Companies

Toronto, CA -( November 10, 2011) – Wave Accounting [1] was named one of Canada’s Most Innovative Companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX). In an announcement this morning at the TSX, the CIX revealed its Top 20 hottest innovative companies working in Digital Media and Information and Communication Technology. The annual [Read More...]

New Premium Game Titles for Android and Apple iOS Devices

( November 3, 2011) – SkillPod Media, although a relatively new player in the world of mobile apps and, more specifically, mobile game apps [1], is making headway in this congested market. The first of their apps were launched at the end of June 2011 and are currently published across Apple iTunes [2], Android Market [3], Amazon [Read More...]

Wave Accounting Acquires Small Payroll

TORONTO, CA – ( November 2, 2011) – Wave Accounting [1], the fastest growing financial tool for small businesses, today announced its acquisition of Small Payroll, an online payroll application. The application will be rebranded and relaunched as Wave Payroll (, with a beta release in Canada this quarter, and [Read More...]

Bluelounge Launches Sumo, A Heavyweight for Small Cables

[1]PASADENA, CA – ( Oct 17, 2011) – Bluelounge, the award-winning international design studio known for sleek, functional, home/office organization products, today announced the market-wide availability of its latest cable management product, Sumo.The genial inspiration behind the small but weighty Sumo was to provide a [Read More...]

Packt’s Online Digital Book Library Now has Over 640 Books

[1](  Oct 12, 2011) – PacktLib [2], Packt Publishing’s online digital book library, now houses over 640 books of content on a diverse range of computing topics that enable users to increase their knowledge, develop their skills and to boost their competitive advantage at work.Packt’s electronic platform, built and developed [Read More...]

Chopstakes Multitouch Styli for iPad Released by IPEVO

[1]SUNNYVALE, CA – ( Oct 7, 2011) – IPEVO, Inc., a designer and maker of products for emerging Internet-driven behaviors, has announced the release of its newest product, Chopstakes Multitouch Styli for Apple’s iPad. The IPEVO Store ( [2]) will serve as the exclusive retailer for the product, which [Read More...]

Dimensional Optics Launches Two Lines of 3D Movie Glasses

San Luis Obispo, CA – ( Oct 6, 2011) – It’s time to bring the fun back to 3D glasses with 3Razzle™ & 3Dazzle™ products that will inspire movie goers to purchase a Personal Pair™ of 3D glasses. Designed with the right touch of color and fashion the contemporary designs come in four flavors: cherry, grape, [Read More...]

VisionSync Launches MotionCast App on the iPhone – Cast Local News

If you’d like to get local and community news, with personalized local news alerts, or join a community of citizen reporters with incentives to share revenues, then MotionCast might just be the app for you. The team behind some of the most popular mobile apps, including iMobile Care and TatTap, created MotionCast to provide location-aware [Read More...]

Dozen Knocks Nokia

Nokia may be one of the leading cell phone [1] manufacturers in the world, but DozenMobile tells it like it is and has ranked the mobile giant’s app store as a Flop! So how did this happen? Well, the editors at sat down and tested all the mobile apps sites they could find. Then, they selected 12, yes just 12, of the [Read More...]
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