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Celebrate National Coming Out Day On October 11

The day is observed by the members of LGBT communities and their supporters to encourage people to live openly and powerfully. It is an internationally observed civil awareness day to raise awareness about LGBT communities among the general public, in an effort to give a familiar face to the LGBT rights movement.

The main aim of this event is to encourage LGBT communities to fight for their rights. On this day, each community wears their pride symbols. Gay men wear the pink triangle and lesbians wear the black triangle; the Greek letter lambda; and rainbows on clothing and in jewelry. People march on roads for gay and lesbian equality.

Those who are attracted to both men and women or the same sex, face challenges from traditional communities. This is the day to educate and make them understand that bisexual and homosexuals deserve equal respect and rights in any society.

In the United States, this event is managed under the Human Rights Campaign. The organization offers resources to LGBT individuals, couples, parents and children; as well as straight relatives and friends to educate and promote the LGBT cause among common people.

The day is specially observed by lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender where they have conversations from the heart and discuss about their relationships and other problems openly. They are proud of what they are and march on roads in support of LGBT equality.

Citizens are also encouraged to discuss homosexuality, bisexuality, HIV, AIDS and STD testing. The program is aimed at raising awareness among youngsters and common people about deadly sexually transmitted diseases. People from all races and communities come out to participate in such events focusing on human rights awareness.

Generally, people don’t welcome the idea of somebody being trapped in the wrong body. For instance, some people say, they are born a man but feel like a woman or vice-versa. This can be frightening as well as hard to comprehend for common people. On the National Coming Out Day, the transgender usually educate such people and try to make them understand what they feel and why. They try to be true to themselves as well as others.

Another main aim of this day is to make aware and educate youngsters and the general public about various sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDS and STDs. They are encouraged to go for STD testing. It is done in interest of public health and safety.

Human Rights Campaign organizes many events and programs to advise them on benefits of STD testing and precautions they should take during sexual intercourse.

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