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Celebrity Mistresses Tell the Other Side of The Story on Reality TV Michelle Harris on CNN’s Showbiz

HOLLYWOOD — TV Host Michelle Harris recently appeared live on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight to talk about her new reality TV show featuring celebrity mistresses. Alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs is among the cast who will appear on the show. Surprisingly, instead of focusing on exploitation, the reality dating series will focus instead on telling the women’s side of the story and helping them through their journey so they can get a second chance at finding true love.

The producers promise a classy Bachelorette-style production and the show will be hosted by TV host Michelle Harris (who currently helps people live better on her lifestyle show “Alive & Well with Michelle Harris”). The producers are currently meeting with networks and are keeping the rest of the cast under wraps for now but have promised a great line-up. There is even speculation that some celebrity ex-wives will be involved with the show, although it is not clear what role they will play. Will they be looking for revenge or could they also be in search of true love?

The team behind the show are TV and film producers Stander Productions (The Smell of Success) Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Tea Leoni and Kyle MacLachlan and the upcoming smash hit comedy “Stay Cool” Starring Winona Ryder, Chevy Chase, Hilary Duff and Josh Holloway) and MHM Productions (Alive & Well with Michelle Harris).

Michelle Harris, Host: “We are taking a look at the other side of the story. The celebrity mistresses are just regular women who got caught up with the wrong men and I think a lot of women can relate to that. I’m sure the show will generate a lot of drama but in the end I just want to help these women find true love.”

Spencer Stander, Executive Producer: “It’s estimated that 65% of the divorces in the US are due to adultery, that’s a significant number. My greatest wish is that this series moves beyond the tabloids and into the homes of America, inspiring couples to have honest conversations about their feelings and intentions in their relationships hopefully resulting in lowering these ugly statistics.”

Mark Harris, Executive Producer: “While the public have understandably shown support for the wives, they have been quick to vilify and place all the blame on the mistresses, while the celebrity husbands keep their glorified celebrity status. When viewers watch this show and get to know all these women, they will see that the mistresses and the ex-wives actually have a lot in common – they have all been lied to and cheated on by celebrity men. We think viewers will ultimately agree that they all deserve a second chance at finding real love.”
Host Michelle Harris is available for interviews.

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