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Cell phone location tracking is important for emergency calls

For emergency services to be able to trace the calling mobile phone’s location can extremely important. The call route has to be tracked through numerous call centers. When reaching the final call center the location can be obtained by inspecting the serving cell’s data and signal strength. To speed up the tracing process SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) protocol can provide a better way, as it can directly provide information through the telephone handset. While a couple decades earlier it was a safe assumption that one can do phone number tracing simply by looking at the registered address of the owner of the landline, with the evolvement of technology, and with cells becoming an everyday equipment, authorities have to do their best when it comes to tracing location.

Another area where knowing the caller’s location is crucial, can be roadside assistance. If you car breaks down, assistance services cannot rely on doing a number lookup and getting the caller’s home address. A slight advantage for roadside sevices can be that they can work with sloppy data, as the road is already providing basic vectors towards the caller. An equally important area, where being able to trace location is literally the basis of the service itself, is with GPS systems. GPS systems must get the information as fast and as accurate as possible, and recalculate it numerous times / second.

All these areas led the way for evolving technology in the preceding years. Nowdays we take monitoring and number lookup services for granted, but just a while ago all of this was a development sketch, and an urging need that had to be solved. Today’s tracing and tarcking services are extremely fast and accurate, and can run on nearly any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Spy softwares are available nearly anywhere on teh internet.

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