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Keeping human resource systems humming is a tricky job, but Ceridian has a head start of about 70 years.

Keeping human resource systems humming is a tricky job, but Minneapolis-based Ceridian has a head start of about 70 years. Jim Corcoran, senior vice president of U.S. Human Resource Solutions, chats about productivity, administration, and the megaforces of globalization.

How did Ceridian get started?

One paycheck at a time, millions of checks ago. Our payroll roots stem back to 1932, when the company was founded by IBM and became the first payroll-processing service bureau in the world. Control Data acquired the Service Bureau Corporation in 1968 and out of that Ceridian emerged as a human resource solutions company. Ceridian, which has since grown through strategic acquisition, now offers solutions that span the entire employment life cycle and serves more than 116,000 clients with 25 million employees worldwide.

What got you personally interested in doing this work?

I have been earning a paycheck and receiving employee benefits for over 40 years and during that time I have worked to improve the performance of numerous organizations. I’ve held positions in finance, operations, technology and service. This position allows me to use all of the experience I have gained over the years to help Ceridian make a direct impact on the productivity and well-being of thousands of businesses and their employees.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

Businesses today are under extreme pressure to do more and to meet ever-increasing regulatory requirements, while still looking after their employees. Our managed human resource solutions help companies maximize the value of their people. We handle our customers’ complex HR administration and compliance processes, and provide them with the freedom to focus on their core businesses.

What kind of challenges does your company face?

Staying current with economic, legislative and technology changes is a challenge for every company. We’re staying focused on those opportunities that have the greatest benefit to our customers and shareholders, and successfully managing an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce.

Where do you see your field going in the next few years, and how does Ceridian fit into that?

The megaforces of globalization require companies to do more with less in an environment that has increasingly complex regulations. Companies will want their people to focus on activities that are the crown jewels of their business–and as a result they will outsource other functions. An increase in HR outsourcing is imminent.

Individuals will have to assume more personal responsibility for things that were previously provided by a business or a government–such as retirement, some of their health care needs, and so on. As a result, there will be new opportunities for companies like Ceridian to provide services directly to people. Ceridian not only fits into this change, but will also help shape the change.

What do you like best about what you do?

I love to work with people who are passionate about what they do, committed to making things happen for our customers, and driven to do new things. Respect, honesty, and integrity are an important part of our culture.

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