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Charlotte Web Design Company Uses a New 3-Pronged Strategy for Optimum Website Experiences

“It is only within the past several years that the topic of search engine optimization and targeted content development has surfaced in a mainstream manner,” said Jay Joyce of The Idea People. “Google and their Panda updates have quickly evolved the manner in which really good and responsible web design companies, like The Idea People, work with clients in developing effective web design programs.”

Web Design with a 3-Pronged Approach

1. Prong #1 – Creative Web Design – Creative strategy and design that makes sense. The Idea People begin every client web design project with a creative strategy. “We include not only the branding elements of colors, themes and logo assignments,” says Joyce. “But we also include now-measurable elements like user comfort with the design and site flow, user trust levels, and the user’s ease of absorption for the site content and graphics.” The web design must be user friendly and focus on a higher level of user experience and interactivity. This encompasses the web site’s plan for expansion, video, audio, database elements, mobile and tablet platform displays.

2. Prong #2 – Search Engine Friendly – “It’s amazing at how quickly the industry term of ‘SEO’ flew into our client’s conversations with us,” says Joyce. “The industry focus went so far away from design and content toward scientific and technical skills literally over night.” Technical search engine optimization skills are obviously important in the practice of designing our client websites to be user and search engine friendly. Technical SEO skills are an integral part of how The Idea People develop and maintain client websites. “While the SEO techniques that we use are implemented to make our client websites rank higher in organic search engine results, our primary focus is to make each page inside the website more search engine friendly,” says Joyce. “We want high rankings for our client websites but only in a long-term, strategic and highly-appropriate manner.”

3. Prong #3 – Content Development Strategy – “Now that we have designed a creative website presence and prepared it to be search engine friendly, we focus on the evolving element of each website, which is the content,” says Joyce. “The Idea People have always believed in content, writing and messaging for our client websites, carried through since we began designing websites in 1994.” Content is the element of the website that changes frequently. Website content development and content management strategies are vital to maintaining a client’s customer’s and prospect’s attention. Content feeds the search engines and helps rank websites. Updated and fresh content keeps our client websites relevant in the eyes of users. “Fresh and professionally-written content outlasts search engine algorithm changes and maintains an active and continuing relationship with our client’s target audiences,” says Joyce.

The Idea People can improve and change the way that your company website is indexed, perceived and absorbed by your customers, prospects and even the search engines. Call Jay Joyce with The Idea People at 704-398-4437 or email [email protected] for a private appointment to discuss improving your company website performance.

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