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Cherry Systems

Company leads the way in data recovery.

Losing important electronic data–whether it be your personal income taxes, your customer list and accounts receivable, or a failed multidrive RAID network file server–can be devastating. But for Paul Mande, vice president Atlanta-based Cherry Systems, data is rarely lost–it merely needs to be recovered. We recently spoke with Mande about the local data-recovery services firm.

What does Cherry Systems do?

Cherry Systems grew out of a nationwide computer hardware and software business that started in the mid-’70s. In 1986, Cherry Systems split from the original company and began developing its own customers as a PC-based systems integrator. About a year later, the company pursued the business of computer data recovery. Our decision was based on the technical expertise we had already begun developing in our previous business, and the conviction of our technical director that the growth of the number of PCs in homes and businesses would lead to an increasing demand for data recovery services.

We saw that prediction come true in the early ’90s and we decided to put all of our R&D and marketing efforts solely into our growing data recovery business. By the mid-’90s our technology and reputation were firmly in place and we became one of the six largest data recovery firms in the world, a position we still retain today.

Do you think most people realize that a great deal of “lost” data is actually recoverable?

Perhaps the most important point I can make is that it is usually possible for a company like us to recover data from a drive or a tape that others would say is a lost cause. Many individuals and businesses have been put through much hardship and expense, with some actually going out of business, because no one knew this service existed or was possible. The most important message we can give to people is to not assume that data is lost, but to contact someone in our industry and let the experts try. We have recovered data from computers burned in fires, submerged in water, dropped out of office building windows and cars. Most of the time we can recover the data.

What makes Cherry Systems unique among data recovery service providers?

First, we are continually adding to our technical capabilities so that we are confident we have the best chance in the industry of a successful recovery on the job we get. Second, we pride ourselves on the most experienced and caring service advisers in the industry.

What can we expect to see from Cherry Systems in the near future?

Last year we began the process of developing a comprehensive data availability Web site to help users find consistent answers to data-related problems. The site will be called Data-Care and will be set up to help users address the issues, questions, and problems they will encounter as the digital world becomes an indistinguishable part of our daily existence.

We always continue to add to our technical expertise. We now have the ability to recover data in virtually any PC or Mac operating system–hard drives, tapes, floppy disks, CDs, Jaz, Zip, and optical devices, and many other types of computer storage devices. Our newest developments are in the realm of new types of digital devices such as digital cameras, Palm Pilots, and other PDAs.

We also see continued growth in the field of data forensics and data evidence services, which are used by law firms and government agencies such as the FTC to track deleted or modified data. With the volume of electronic communication such as e-mails increasing at an astounding rate, there is a growing need for the kind of services we offer as more and more businesses become paperless and ever more dependent on electronic information for their survival.

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