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Chiropractic Marketing Consultant Ben Cummings Releases New Blog on Effectiveness of Twitter for Backlinks

In the blog entry, Ben outlined his reasons for thinking Twitter could be important for backlinks. “Backlinks are the most vital part of site ranking. Google now has a very high emphasis on quality backlinks like those you get from the service. The Google Panda update meant that tons of spammy and junk backlinks no longer help a site rank: Google wants quality now, and it shows in the search results,” Ben says.

Ben also asserts that Google has an eye closely trained on Social Voting and what he calls “Social Signals” which he also wrote about in a previous blog post. “Essentially the term Social Signals means the number of “Likes” on Facebook, how many reviews a site has on sites such as Yelp, and how many “Plus One” Google votes the site has. This Social Voting that Google is now so focused on includes the number of people “Tweeting” about your site on Twitter,” says Ben.

During the experiment outlined in his blog, Ben Cummings used the service to have Twitter users to “Retweet” the URL for his website. Following a simple set-up process which Ben has detailed in his latest blog post, he waited 24 hours to see if twitter could have any impact within such a short span of time. “We found that our Tweet had been re-Tweeted more than 120 times in under 24 hours. Our page was also ranked by Google where it had not been previously after just one day. For the two main key phrases relating to his page, he was ranked 63rd and 19th,” says Ben.

Within 48 hours, the primary key phrase for his Twitter link ranked him at number three on Google results, and within 72 hours he was at number two. Other key phrases showed consistent improvements, moving up as much as 31 spots. At the time of blog entry, Ben Cummings said that twitter backlinks appears to be working and does have an impact on ranking a chiropractic website.

Where can a chiropractor learn more? Chiropractors can subscribe to ChiroBullets for free. They should visit Ben’s blog at Ben says, “There is no cost to participate in the excellent articles and tutorials being shared on the blog. Chiropractors will be impressed by the quality of our tutorials.”

Ben thinks this is important information for chiropractors, and asks chiropractors to Like his Page on Facebook to learn exclusive tips and tricks. “I’d appreciate your help in spreading the word amongst chiropractors,” says Ben Cummings.

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