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Local company provides outsourcing services.

The faltering economy has prompted companies to lay off workers and cut corners wherever they can. But a company’s IT needs can’t be put off. Boston-based CIOGlobal is providing a way to keep companies technologically healthy, and Codi Traver, president of CIOGlobal, told us how.

What does CIOGlobal do?

We are an information technology company that serves clients in high tech, finance, health care, and manufacturing environments. We partner with our clients with strategic part-time CIOs and managed service, project management, and implementation teams. We also offer managed service solutions for large corporations wishing to offload the 24-7 management of their network, desktop, infrastructure and storage needs. Our certified project managers are directing projects at large and small firms.

When did you start CIOGlobal and why?

CIOGlobal developed out of a long-term assignment I held as the retained CIO for a major Boston financial holding company. That assignment and relationships that developed from it offered a window into what CEOs and their executive teams need.

How do companies use your Interim CIO and IT services?

Several of our clients retain our executives as part-time CIO level strategists to bring technology to their executive team. The CIO may be on site a few days a week or for several months, or brought in for forecast and infrastructure audits. Other clients use our network and administration teams to provide all or some of their IT services, thereby eliminating the overhead of IT staff. Finally, we furnish clients implementing customer resource management applications with certified project managers, application engineers, and developers.

How has the declining economy affected your business and how have you coped? We actually launched at the bottom of the decline, with layoffs and company closings happening all around us. We find that our services are needed more than ever as companies downsize and seek affordable IT solutions and alternatives to full-time headcount.

Who are your typical clients?

Our clients are typically midsize companies that have information technology and application needs and are interested in partnering with a service provider rather than maintain a large IT staff. Some of our clients have 30Ð50 employees, while others have 8,000 or more employees. Our target markets are in Boston, New York, St. Louis, and Seattle, with our flagship customers operating in New England, London, and the Middle East.

How many employees work for CIOGlobal?

We are currently staffing 35 people and have 20 senior technical people. We maintain a network of consultants for contract and short-term assignments.

What kinds of problems do companies typically come to you for help with?

It tends to start with replacement or initial IT staff to support the client’s user community or a strategic audit to determine the state of the company and forecast needs for the upcoming year. We find vendor management to be among the top requests for our certified project managers, especially among the Fortune 500 companies we work with.

Is there anything else about CIOGlobal that we should knowÑfuture plans, etc.?

Over the next year, we expect to triple in size, expand our partnerships, and possibly make our first acquisition. With our board of strategic advisors and our internationally recognized board of directors, there’s really nothing that can get in our way, except perhaps if we don’t keep a close eye on our accounting processes.

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