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Clarity Clean It Recommended For Electronics Care

Clarity Clean It optical surface care spray and towelettes from Nanofilm [1] have been recommended for cleaning electronic display surfaces like iPads and computers, iPhones and other cell phones. Tested and recommended by HeathaplexVision [2], J. Scot Heathman, owner of HeathaplexVision, said in the company’s recent online review, “[T]he results were astounding! A perfectly clean surface, free of streaks and fingerprints.” The Clean It recommendation from Heathaplex Vision continues, “My first test involved using the spray on my iPhone 4. I sprayed a small amount on a clean cotton rag and gently wiped off the surface of the phone. With very little effort, the Clarity Clean It removed all the fingerprints, dust, and dirt from the surface. When I was finished, I ran my finger across the phone and felt a remarkable difference to the touch. It felt like a freshly waxed car and did not leave any streaks or residue. Heathman also put the Clean It towelettes to the test, “Next I used the Clarity Clean it™ Towelette on my iPad,” he states. “[T]he results were astounding! A perfectly clean surface, free of streaks and fingerprints. After the cleaning, I began to use the iPad and noticed none of my fingerprints were adhering to the surface as easily as before. It did not feel greasy, but in fact, exceptionally smooth; much like my earlier car wax analogy.” The last word on Clean It is a positive one, “I give it 2 thumbs up and the heathaplexVISION seal of approval as a wonderful product and a fantastic way to protect a variety of surfaces, not only in your home, but in your car, boat, or airplane.” Clarity Clean It is developed by Nanofilm, a nanotechnology company with over 20 years of experience in coatings and care for precision optics. COLTS Labs, the independent optical testing specialist, gives the Clarity formulation the highest ratings for effectiveness and safety. The Clean It formula works on all optics, and is specially formulated for today’s high tech coatings. While ordinary optics cleaners just bead up on optics, Clarity Clean It instantly spreads, and begins lifting off dirt and floating it away. Dust, make-up, contaminants and body oils are absorbed into the cloth and whisked away. There’s nothing harsh or abrasive, so the delicate surface is protected and safe. More information, pricing and retail outlets can be found at the Nanofilm [1] web site. Nanofilm, founded in 1985, is a global optical leader in lens care and coatings. Millions of people around the world use Nanofilm products, including Clarity Clean It™, Clarity Defog It™ and other lens care products, as well as nanotechnology-enabled coatings. More information is available at [4]. Contact: Lynn Lilly 216-702-5167 llilly(at)nanofilmtechnology(dot)com [1] [2] [3] [4]

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