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When it comes to computer technology, thin is always in. It’s indisputable that the thinner, lighter, clearer, the better when dealing with the latest computer gadget. This keyboard is the epitome of the high standards expected of the technological version of the fashion industry. It’s based on image as well, that is, image recognition technology.

It judges clicking depending on the image of the size and where your finger touches the keyboard. The keyboard is waterproof glass, which will make it easy to clean and to see the etched details on the keyboard you shine a light through the bottom. A mounted mini camera serves to relay your ‘key presses’ to your computer. Amazingly, you can also use your fingerprints as the password, completely eliminating the need to set and store passwords, with the risk of someone finding out and hacking. With the fingerprint password capability, it’s programmed to respond only to the fingerprints of the owner, no one else.

The amount allocated to its technological development is $150,000.00 USD for designing software. It is still uniquely high tech and new, despite it being used in multiple technological fronts such as for face identity and multi-touch. The support software can do a variety of things, but mainly it judges the fingers as they click on the board itself. If professionals wish, they will be able to modify the camera’s optical part. Up to $100,000.00 USD will be allocated for marketing. At the Shanghai Expo a budget of up to $25,000.00 USD will be spent. For television, magazine, and newspaper advertisements $40,000.000 USD will be spent for the campaign. Internet and street sign ads will use another $ 35,000.00 and promotional gifts another $10,000.00 USD. E-commerce websites EBay and Alibaba will also sell them.

While one hundred thousand is a smart sum for marketing, by comparison of most inventions, this design isn’t entirely unknown. It’s already been written about, but there hasn’t been a concentrated marketing campaign with this much information as contained in this article. The media has already heard and written about it, so one with a larger budget and campaign isn’t required. Images of this invention can be found on the internet search engines. States inventor and designer James King (also known as Kong Fanwen), “Not very much money can be allocated to marketing because the invention is very attractive and it can be reported by media when it is on the market. I did not advertise it but its images can be easily searched through internet. We can also try to cooperate with PC producers, such as Apple, Dell, and Lenovo, to reduce marketing cost.” Looks are very much everything in this industry.

The budget to secure web content will be $10,000.00 USD and mass production will start on a small, tentative scale with a budget of $240,000.00 USD. For those who wish to invest, 20% equity will be given. At the moment James is seeking to secure $500,000.00 in aid to further his business. If you wish to contact James King for further details or to discuss investing in his invention, his email is jameskfw [at] hotmai l[dot] com.

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