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cloudyBoss Unveil World’s First Code-Less DLT Solution

Sydney, Australia, June 04, 2018 –(– The level of interest in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) related solutions has risen dramatically in the past six months, fuelled by a greater understanding of its many use cases, and a growing need for more privacy and confidentiality safeguards at a time of pervasive breaches in sharing environments.

Where social media moguls and former tech giants are currently seen to be failing in this regard, mature start-ups, such as Australian company, cloudyBoss, are stepping in with fully developed real-world solutions.

To date, a lot of the hype about Blockchain products has centred around early, and largely unsuccessful crypto verticals with the most recent research indicating 92% of ICO’s actually fail.

Meanwhile, smaller players are developing vertical solutions for community-based writing, music and other creative endeavours, using the more advanced Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT); Other DLT use cases are being applied in new areas such as the unbanked sector, or the inefficient and fragmented identity sector, in refugee crisis management cases and many other situations.

Mainstream DLT developers, such as Hyperledger, continue to gain traction with their open-source SDK (code development framework) solutions, however, none are completely market-ready with off-the-shelf configurable applications, fully geared for the rigours, and diverse requirements of the corporate world – except for cloudyBoss’ SKYE solution.

Recently unveiled at a series of industry events in Asia, India and Europe, the DLT solution, SKYE, has been recognised by the market at large and cloudyBoss is now in advanced implementation talks with federal and private banks, major automotive manufacturers and large supply chain organisations the world over.

Many of these organisations currently struggle to deal with each other securely through APIs and middleware. This often entails months of complicated and costly implementation, only to then suffer difficulties in transactional information flow and delays for customers. With these issues come inefficiencies in reconciliation and operation, all of which erode an organisation’s bottom line.

The cloudyBoss solution: a permission-based DLT cluster facility offered at an almost negligible price.

Both organisations new to DLT and those already well-versed with other protocols, are attracted by SKYE simplicity, immediacy, and future-proof attributes such as multichain and post-quantum DLT.

cloudyBoss clients can create any number of DLT clusters, or multistage automated e-contracts, each scalable to an unlimited number of permissioned nodes, or signatories, all in seconds, without any technical skills required. In fact, it takes less than a minute to create a secure permissioned SKYE cluster which can be used to safely exchange or record data within any group of organisations.

The most significant difference between cloudyBoss and other providers is the fact that SKYE is fully developed and available for use now. Another marked difference is that, unlike all other DLT solutions, that still require customised coding for each client application or contract, the cloudyBoss SKYE solution does not involve any coding.

SKYE was built into the core of the cloudyBoss ERP-X (Extended Enterprise Management Platform), which was developed from the ground up over six years. Every module in the ERP-X can effectively be block chained, making every transaction immutable with consensus on each item’s veracity.

The cloudyBoss SKYE solution is an integral part of the affordably structured “pay as you grow” ERP-X cloudyBoss model alongside many other future-proof features.

CTO, Giovanni Di Noto said, “Business networks of all scale and complexity are set to quickly adopt the SKYE technology, as they realise it will save them millions of dollars in interface maintenance, and provide all the solutions they currently require to security, data integrity and un-hackable data repositories.”

cloudyBoss Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned, globally distributed technology organisation backed by IBM through its Global Entrepreneurs Program. cloudyBoss’ technology challenges the way we work and frees organisations from old world constraints: it does this by equipping all manner of businesses with tools that allow them to thrive in the new global order.

cloudyBoss baseline product, NEXT+, a cloud-based Extended Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP-X) encapsulates Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledger Technology, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and scale-neutral data nodes.

Built and continuously evolving using agile software methodology, cloudyBoss products solve today’s complex business challenges with disruption, automation, security and productivity gaps by equipping even the smallest business with the tools to compete globally.

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