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Ainew package from Liberty Software has released software to help you manage your stamp collection. You can sort stamps by Scott number order, set, location, dealer, customer, grading service, query, year, grade, watermark, paper, gum condition, print, format, color or perforation, and print reports. The database contains information on 13,900 U.S. and Canadian stamps, and more than 7,000 stamp images. The software is compatible with Windows all the way up to XP. You can download a demo at the site, but the full version costs $49.95.

If your collecting tastes run to metal rather than paper, Software’s Coin Collector Database 1.1 can record types of coins, coin dates, mint marks, conditions, values, and the name and address of the source of each coin. You can search, sort, print reports, print charts, and mark records if you want to get coins from a source again.The registered version ($14.99) lets you insert and display images for each record; that option is disabled in the free demo.

Are you obsessed with weather, but find the Weather Channel’s background music annoying? Starstone Software Systems’ Eye of the Storm 2002 uses the Internet to download hurricane information, display satellite images, determine the storm’s path, and chart how far away the hurricane is from your house. The software also has preparedness materials from FEMA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, information on recent storms, and historic information going back to 1851. Compatible with all versions of Windows, Eye of the Storm is free to try and $14.95 to buy.

Now you can enjoy your garden, and the wildlife that visits it, even when you aren’t there. iCode Systems’ iCatcher Wildlife works with your Web camera to record live images of birds and other wildlife that visit your garden while you’re gone. The software captures images when motion is detected. You can set sensitivity controls and eliminate false captures with user-defined masks, and you can schedule iCatcher to work at certain times or operate on time-lapse mode. It’s free to try and $79 to buy.

FNProgramvare has released a new version of BookCAT. Version 6.01 lets bookworms keep track of their library by author, title, publisher, ISBN, publish date, original title, translator, edition, value, category, and keywords. The software will estimate the value of your collection, but that’s not the best part-it will also keep track of books you’ve lent and to whom. You can also note various sale factors, such as condition and value, making this a valuable download for people who maintain large collections and occasionally sell books on eBay or A 30-day trial version is available. The software costs $39 to buy, and $17.50 if you’re upgrading from version 5.

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