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Ways to get and keep site visitors.

For Web authors, attracting visitors and keeping them at your site can be a headache. They want simplicity, and constantly updated information, and they want it now. Thanks to some new tools, authoring is still a headache, but hey, at least it’s automated.

For those who have to update often but hate HTML code, Starphire Technologies has released eMailCMS. CMS allows multiple-page content management simply via e-mail. It’s also a good tool to pass on to your clients who want to upload their own pictures, events, press releases, and more. CMS uses a simple JavaScript tag on your site, so there’s nothing to install. Free for trial use, CMS is $49.95 and requires Windows 98 or higher.

Web Link Validator from REL Software checks and tests all your site’s links, including those that use JavaScript and Flash. It detects files and pages that load slowly or have been forgotten. Best of all, Validator rummages through HTML code to make sure every detail is taken care of. Validator starts at $27 and is compatible on Windows 95 and higher.

Well-designed menus can help keep a visitor’s momentum up as he or she navigates through your site. Java Drop Down Menu (JDDM) is a new applet from Tecnick that creates browser-independent horizontal and vertical menus with unlimited pop-up submenus. It’s easy to be fully creative designing the submenus, which can also overlap HTML page content or jump outside frames and browser windows. Available for $40, JDDM works on any Windows OS.

For only $19, Radiocom’s Web CEO Hit Counter 3.5 can increase site visitors and visibility. CEO gives detailed information about who’s visiting your site and what pages are most popular. If your “Contact Us” page tends to get overlooked, you’ll know right away. Based on the thorough analysis of your site’s traffic, it suggests the best search engine keywords and how to tailor your site to visitors’ demands. CEO is for Windows 98 and higher.

Of course, once you get people to stop by your site, it helps to have something nice for them to look at. Abibok Technologies’ HyperBricks 2.1 helps split content and design of your site, allowing you to change elements independently. It works with CSS, JavaScript, and other top protocols. The shareware price is $39, and the program works with all levels of Windows.

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