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Comhear Awarded Patent for Immersive Sound Control Method

Comhear announced today that a patent covering its innovative method of controlling a speaker array to produce spatialized, localized, and binaural virtual surround sound, has been awarded.

San Diego, California (PRWEB) December 12, 2016

Comhear announced today that a patent covering its innovative method of controlling a speaker array to produce spatialized, localized, and binaural virtual surround sound, has been awarded. The signal processing method allows a small speaker array to deliver sound in various ways using highly optimized inverse filters, delivering narrow beams of sound to the listener. The core technology was initially developed by researchers at UCSD and the University of Southampton in the UK. Comhear has further developed the technology for a number of applications and markets, and has exclusively licensed the technology for commercialization.

Comhear CEO Perry Teevens said, “We are excited that our innovative methods to produce a truly immersive audio experience for listeners have received patent protection. We are breaking new ground in audio technology, changing the way listeners experience sound in all media formats.”

While the technical explanation of the patent is complex, the effect is simple. When you listen to sound produced by the signal processing method outlined in the patent you experience an amazing immersive 3D surround sound. Sound moves over, around, above, and behind you in ways that no other single speaker system can accurately reproduce. This patented technology is now implemented in Comhear’s latest product update of the MyBeam™ speaker array.

Before MyBeam™ was introduced, the only way to have an immersive sound experience was to wear headphones which are clumsy, isolating, and potentially damaging to your hearing. MyBeam™ is a small speaker bar that fills the listening environment with 3D audio that you experience as if you were live at a concert, on the cinema sound stage, or in the midst of virtual reality. MyBeam’s patented technology introduces a new standard in audio quality for home entertainment, music, and gaming applications.

When the MyBeam™ array is used in home entertainment systems for music playback, listeners experience audiophile quality soundscapes, making it possible to hear greater detail of individual sound components masked in prior generation speaker technologies. The MyBeam™ array delivers next generation ground breaking audio quality at a significantly lower cost.

When MyBeam™ is deployed in home theater applications it completely eliminates the need for multi-speaker placements throughout the room. The surround sound experience is delivered through a single array using Comhear’s patented audio rendering system that instantly envelopes listeners in more vibrant studio-rich sound, without exposing ears to harmful sound pressure levels.

Do you like games? MyBeam™ delivers to gaming enthusiasts a new experience with rich music, beautifully balanced ambiance, clearer dialog, crisper special effects, and pristine quality across all genres and titles. Transaural sound beams are directed to each of your ears, creating a 3D immersive sound experience that lets you better locate in-game sound sources and improve situational awareness. A truly immersive gaming experience is achieved without the fatigue and isolation of headphones.

MyBeam™ is also offered as a ProAV version for deployment in commercial applications such as digital signage, kiosks ATM’s, display cases, lobbies, and other directed audio applications. To learn more, please visit

About Comhear, Inc.

Comhear believes in sound that moves you. Comhear is an audio technology company that brings people closer together through pristine communication, and enhances immersive entertainment with the physical sensation of sound you can practically touch. Consumer electronics speaker and headset OEMs, enterprise TEMs, and Gaming/VR platforms benefit from Comhear’s revolutionary beamforming performance, which adds musicality, vocal clarity and customization to entertainment audio and voice communications.

Our passion for great audio, combined with a deep understanding of how the brain processes sound, enables Comhear to develop products and solutions that adapt to your environment and transform the listening experience.

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