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There are plenty of stores that sell technology products, but not all stores are created equal. Computer Pacer breaks the mold.

There are plenty of stores that sell technology products, but let’s face it: not all stores are created equal. Anyone who’s ever tried to buy a few items, only to encounter a poorly-informed or surly clerk, knows the pain of such purchases. At Monterey Park-based Computer Pacer, life is different. Founder Cecilia Ning talks about what makes her place unique.

How did Computer Pacer get started, and what do you provide?

The company started 16 years ago, and ever since we opened, we’ve focused on quality PC systems, network technology and on-site services. We service and repair PCs no matter where they were purchased. Our customers come in from everywhere, and some of them go to great lengths to have us work on their PCs and do their purchasing here. We have some customers that drive about two hours to buy from us.

We also have Web page design services, and network servers as well as an on-site network. Our goal is to provide a better performance system and better service support at a low price compared to brand name products.

Who are your customers?

Major clients include the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the local police department, including the police academy. We also sell to individuals who don’t know too much about PCs, because these people appreciate the fact that every PC purchase comes with a free consultation. That’s the support that other brands don’t have, and you’re not going to find that at chain stores.

What kinds of challenges did Computer Pacer face in establishing a foothold in such a competitive market?

When I started the businesses, there were several challenges with the bank, clients, and suppliers. It’s difficult to start something new because a bank doesn’t want to deal with a company that isn’t well-established. But to get established, you need funding.

Similarly, clients don’t want to buy from you because they’re afraid you might go out of business soon, and suppliers have the same kind of fear. It was hard.

What does Computer Pacer see in terms of future directions?

Next year, I think that more users are going to want wireless technology, and everything that’s associated with that, such as gear and services. Also, it seems that the LCD panel market is getting stronger. So, that’s where we’ll put more focused.

Also, workshops for customers who buy our systems are currently in development. These courses are designed to introduce them to their new computers, and teach them how to maximize their usage for their benefit. Beginning level classes will be offered for users who have questions regarding their computer and how it works. Intermediate and advanced level courses will be offered to users who already possess some mastery over their computer’s basic functions and seek to learn more complex applications.

What do you like best about what you do?

In the past 16 years, we’ve faced many challenges, but I think we’ve always been in the right place at the right time. Of course, it’s helped that we’ve steered ourselves there–it’s not a coincidence when you find success, it’s the result of hard work. What I like best is how most of my business nowadays is from referrals, which shows me that we’re doing the right thing. I believe honesty, caring, and service are the main reasons that a business survives, and that’s what we provide.

You can visit Computer Pacer at 1460 Monterey Pass Road, or call them at 323-262-1087.

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