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Company Web sites have become commonplace and standard. Maybe it’s time to jazz them up a little and do some real e-commerce. For anyone who yearns to construct a better site, iBuilder is a snazzy toolbox.

A few years ago, companies big and small realized that crafting a good Web site was a necessity rather than just a hobby to be done by designers on the weekend.

Now that all these sites have been thrown onto the Web, isn’t it time to start thinking about how much cooler they could be? That’s the impetus behind the software suite iBuilder from The Succeed Corporation.

The package has a variety of tools that can help a small or even mid-sized company launch an online e-commerce component for their business. It’s a complex application, but the tutorial walks you through pretty neatly, and the breadth of options for tricking out a site is rather breathtaking.

Basically, for anyone who wants to do online selling and doesn’t want to spend hours or days figuring out how to do every detail, this is the software to get.

The suite is broken down into a mix of tools, so the user can utilize only what’s relevant and not get bogged down by extra features. For a monthly rate, iBuilder includes Web hosting and five e-mail accounts.

Once you’ve got the hosting, it’s time to move on to the construction work. iBuilder lets you design an online store, create an online processing system, and even integrate the system with Inuit Quickbooks software. Other features let companies build traffic for their sites, create affiliate programs, and fine tune revenue building.

If time is so short that even constructing a site with these tools is too taxing, you can use one of iBuilder’s templates to get online quickly, and begin your new path as an e-commerce powerhouse. After all, it can be enjoyable to build a site, but it’s even more fun to sell with it.

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