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CroftgateUSA formulates and manufacturers a unique range of car care products, re-inventing car

(1888PressRelease) CroftgateUSA announces Multi Clean now carries the US EPA Design For The Enviroment Logo, recognizing CroftgateUSA Multi Clean for safer chemistry . Go to our enhanced website to see videos and read more.

CroftgateUSA Multi Clean removes heavy brake dust, tar, bird droppings, burnt rubber, grease, finger prints and a lot more. Clean any part of your vehicle with Multi Clean It is mild enough to remove stains from fabrics and carpeting. CroftgateUSA Multi Clean is used on most known surfaces. Made with a blend of biodegradable detergents and no phosphates, making it unique Comes ready to use or in Super Concentrate form.

CroftgateUSA products are formulated by a team of scientists dedicated to producing high performance eco responsible products with the lowest environmental impact.

We formulate CroftgateUSA products to perform at the highest level and to be as safe as possibly, without listed hazardous ingredients, petroleum solvents or V.O.Cs

CroftgateUSA is a brand name of Allied products who has been formulating and blending chemicals since 1952.
CroftgateUSA formulates products up to a high performance, not down to a market price. Rick Sures President says “Formulating products this way allows CroftgateUSA to make the best product we can with the purest and highest performing raw materials to produce an “Extremely High Performance Eco Responsible Car Care Range” which when compared to the traditional products offered by many companies, shows them to be an older technology that is less effective.
Other sprayed on and wiped technology products are; Making making an immediate impact on people is Aquanil-X, Quick N Slick, Tire Shine and Mega Polish They are enough to perform a complete detail of a vehicle and replace Soaps, Waxes, Surface Sealants, Polishes, Degreasers, Glass Cleaners, All purpose cleaners, Wheel cleaners, Tire Polishes, Interior cleaners, Stain removers and more!.

A bottle of Aquanil-X with wax and macro polymers will wash/wax and surface seal 7-9 cars depending on how dirty and the size of the cars.

Aquanil-X is a waterless car wash/wax and surface seal, and is used on vehicles for a total cleaning.
Aquanil-X with CroftgateUSA’s blend of detergents, waxes and multiple macro polymers to surface seal; breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime with anti re-deposition agents. Aquanil-X then replaces the suspended dirt and grime with a protective layer of macro polymers to shine and surface seal and waxes to further leave your vehicle with a longer lasting shine.
Quick N Slick used on a clean surface will provide a brilliant shine, while continuing to harden over the following 24 hours like a protective layer of skin, sealing your vehicles surface for long term protection against the elements ,including bugs as they slide off the vehicle when hit.

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