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Customer Reactivation Technology Generates Otherwise Lost Sales According To Latest News Update from James Schramko

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) July 26, 2012

Business expert James Schramko shares more business tips in his latest video update on In the video, Schramko discloses six practices that have helped shape his own success in business, starting this week’s list of tips by reminding audiences of the importance of follow-up. He stresses that keeping in touch with a previous customer can help secure business transactions in the future.

Schramko demonstrates how follow-ups can reactivate customers by recounting a recent visit to his dentist as an example. He explains that his decision to visit his dentist was prompted by a simple SMS reminder telling him that his annual check-up was due. This experience demonstrates the effectiveness of follow-ups as marketing strategies, and Schramko further explains by saying, “…chances are that if they didn’t send me an SMS, I would not be going to the dentist until I get my next filling required or some problem.”

He then elaborates on the advantages of documentation and how organization using programs like Evernote can help streamline business processes. Documentation, according to Schramko, lets business owners create a checklist that can be used by employees for future reference. Programs like Evernote, on the other hand, make it easy to share documented processes with employees with a simple email. Schramko states that this practice has helped reduce his work burden, allowing him to perform new processes only a few times before relegating the task to someone else.

The third business tip Schramko discusses in his video is all about involving final decision makers even during the early stages of a negotiation. Doing so not only speeds up the selling process, Schramko says, but also empowers these key individuals, and not the parties who are acting as middlemen in the negotiations. Schramko urges entrepreneurs to communicate with decision makers early on, warning that sales can fail because “if you never spoke to them you haven’t really had a chance to pitch to the person who gets to make the decision.”

Schramko proceeds with this week’s business update by offering three tips to optimize business operations. These include increasing cycle times, creating good work routines, and tracking the market where buyers come from.

According to Schramko, “If you want things to happen faster in your business, work on increasing cycle times. Cycle times are how fast you can turn things around. You do that by refining your procedures, by questioning your assumptions.”

Creating good work routines, on the other hand, can be achieved by turning to technology for reminders. Schramko says that using calendar programs such as Apple’s iCal can assist in instilling good business habits, citing how the program helps him with his own tasks:

“I set recurring reminders each week to do a specific task. Today, I’m doing my business update because a reminder reminded me to do my business update. Now after a few weeks it becomes habit.”

Schramko closes the video by encouraging business owners to investigate the kind of customers that they serve and get feedback from clients:

“Track and identify where are your buyers coming from so that you can go and get more of it. Put in ways to track the source… One of the easiest ways is ask people who buy, how did you find out about us? When they tell you, start to collate that data and use that to improve your marketing process.”

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