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Cyber-Activism and Cyber-War Spotlighted at Panda Security’s Third Annual Security Blogger Summit

ORLANDO, Fla. Feb. 7, 2011 Panda Security Madrid

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Cyber-Activism: Internet Protests and Demonstrations

Iran Tunisia Egypt "You can retweet a message and believe you’re already part of a cyber-activist movement."

Julian Assange "There is no way to stop a phenomenon like WikiLeaks. In the future, anybody will be able to disclose relevant information from a website, as contaminated as this might be."

New York Times

CNET "People have replaced neighbor meetings with Internet-based tools."

Alonso Technical evolution has changed the way people express themselves and now it is no longer necessary to gather three million people to attract attention."

"Cyber-activism was born from the global situation we live in." Users want honesty, and that’s the key of WikiLeaks. The worrying aspect is the lack of reaction from governments throughout the world after all the information disclosed by WikiLeaks.

Cyber-War: Reality vs. Sensationalism

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We still do not know the real dimensions of cyber-war and it is easy to confuse it with espionage or even cyber-crime," "Even though Stuxnet has been used as a cyber-weapon, it does not mean that we are already knee deep in a cyber-war. If there really was a cyber-war, it would be on a global scale, as the two Great Wars of the 20th century."

"We are talking about a war without an army. It is a fourth-generation war where it is possible to damage a country without having to invade it with soldiers. A country can have another one under control through the Internet even before they have declared war on each other."

"Not everybody is willing to launch attacks such as these." "Fortunately at present, the people that can do such a thing are very few and must be extremely knowledgeable."

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