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DataCore Software Publishes Breakthrough VDI Benchmark Results and Virtualization Paper: ‘Benchmarking a Scalable and Highly Available Architecture for Virtual Desktops’

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. Jan. 24, 2011 $35 $70 storage infrastructure alone.

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Notably, the DataCore benchmark reports these results on a configuration representing 220 vDesktops. In previously published industry reports, thousands of vDesktops were deployed in order to amortize the high initial costs of SAN-based storage hardware. If the DataCore results are normalized against previous results, scaled downwards to represent similar sized deployments, the DataCore results represent a greater than ten-fold decrease in the per-vDesktop costs of SAN-based, high-availability virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).

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"Benchmarking a Scalable and High-Availability Architecture for Virtual Desktops"

  • That the benchmark was accomplished with the most common and standard hardware, avoiding exotic or proprietary optimizations.

  • That DataCore would release future results which showed the architecture scaling to "thousands" of Desktops.

  • That the modular nature of the architecture was "self-tuning" as it scaled upward and its modularity avoided the "boot-storms" and other anomalies of large, homogeneous configurations.

  • That the architecture had potential for other computing models in which large numbers of essentially similar Virtual Machines were deployed.

Addressing the Practical Economics of Virtual Desktops

All of the paper’s results stressed the portable-software dimension of DataCore’s virtualization products and used the ability of the virtualization software to share the same underlying hardware platform as Hypervisors and the vDesktops themselves. Because DataCore software is portable, it can coexist on the same server platform or run on a virtual machine (VM) or on a multitude of physical servers. Only a software-based infrastructure can truly deliver the necessary agility and economic advantages to make desktop (or server) virtualization a practical reality. DataCore allows the storage infrastructure to abstract itself from device specific limitations, span management and capabilities across platforms, and endure beyond the life of underlying hardware platforms that come and go over time.

Mark Peters

George Teixeira

Benchmarking a Scalable and Highly Available Architecture for Virtual Desktops

The Future of Desktop Virtualization

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