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David Herzog Discusses Age Reversal in His New Book, Natural to Super Natural Health

One of the least talked about subjects has to do with the brain and how it affects everything in your body. The brain is the control center of everything. Once you learn how to feed and utilize this control center you can literally start to see drastic changes beyond any diet and begin to experience age reversal!
“Once you are able to get a handle on brain food you can greatly control your weight and an entire host of other conditions avoiding things like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease reversing the aging process” says David Herzog.
As the new book explains, the body is actually designed to re-create itself. Every year your body recreates itself. In fact 98 percent of the atoms in your body re-create itself every year. Every month you skin is totally renewed. Every three months your skeleton is re-created. Every five days you have a new stomach lining that is created. Even brain cells that cause you to think helped create carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen and those same substances were not there 1 year ago including the raw material that creates your DNA that is renewed every 6 weeks.
Aging starts to occur in the brain. As you age certain chemicals in your body starts to diminish. As this diminishes it sends a death code to other parts of the body. If you can revitalize these brain chemicals to the same levels as when you were younger you can slow down and even reverse the aging process. For example, when a woman’s ovaries start to die it sends a death code to the rest of the body. When you address the ovaries and bring it back to its normal state, it starts to actually resurrect other body parts and life and re-generation come back to it. It all starts with brain health.
“The idea is to first find out what part of your body is aging the fastest. Once you repair once part of the body through brain health, the other parts start to heal and reverse even before you start working on them.” Explains David Herzog.
Natural to Super Natural Health is a great read and an excellent way to get your body, life and emotional well being realigned and at peak performance level.
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About David Herzog

David Herzog is an expert on achieving your maximum impact, leadership and peak performance as well as a certified nutrition coach. Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired by his motivational keynotes, seminars and conferences around the globe. The new book is an extension of his philosophy and is an exciting addition to David’s growing list of achievements.

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