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DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation to Demonstrate Leading Edge Technologies at the HSCB 2011 Conference

ARLINGTON, Va. Feb. 2, 2011 February 8-10, 2011 Chantilly, Virginia

HSCB modeling focuses on integrating social behavior at the micro level such as tribes, militias, terrorist cells, etc. to the macro level including nations, religions, large groups etc. using social science theory and analytic methods for operational use.  It is used to help understand the framework, relationships, behaviors and trends associated with the collection of individuals.

The purpose of the conference is to showcase research and applications in the general HSCB modeling area and engage the OSD HSCB modeling program personnel as well as leading scientific and technical experts in a technical exchange.  During this exchange, DECISIVE ANALYTICS will be demonstrating proprietary products, CONTOUR™, Semantic Drill™, and PANTHER™.  

  • The Semantic Drill eliminates the process of manually tagging your data by automatically identifying rich social network structures from unstructured data.  This capability moves beyond simple entity extraction and instead recovers full semantic structure through state-of-the-art linguistic processing.
  • PANTHER automatically finds entities of interest and the predictors of behavior based on Human, Social, and Cultural attributes.  Instead of manually trying to discover these entities of interest and/or predictors, Panther amplifies a user’s analytical powers by highlighting the subtle but critical relationships hidden in vast data sets.


Arlington, VA Virginia North America Huntsville, AL Colorado Springs, CO Jeffersonville, IN.


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