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Defend My Name Introduces Correct The Record, And Allows Companies To Tell Their Side Of The Story

This is a timely and amazing break through for companies and Individuals who now have the ability to post a rebuttal to a negative review or post without having to drive up the ranking of the negative review says Robert Russo / President of Defend My Name LLC.

By Creating a CORRECT THE RECORD™ profile, you can tell your side of the story and describe how you handled customer service complaints. Also, our service enables you to share your corporate overview. It allows you to provide links to testimonials; evidence in support your rebuttal and FAQs to answer the most commonly asked questions. Importantly, you can direct users to your Website and thereby drive sales.

According to Jupiter Research more than 90 percent of Internet users use search engines to do research or conduct due diligence prior to making personal or corporate buying decisions. With more than 55 million blogs on the Internet and billions of searches conducted every month on the search engines, your brand can become tainted in very short order over a virtual non-event as a result of the viral nature of the Internet.

The Internet is like the Wild West. Standards on socially acceptable behavior often get ignored. Negative comments about individuals and companies can appear with no consequences for inaccuracies or blatant lies. It only takes one inflammatory customer service complaint to destroy your image on the Internet, which can dissuade others from buying your products or services.

To combat this problem, we work tirelessly to show that our CORRECT THE RECORD™ clients care about customer satisfaction and are committed to ensuring optimal service. Our CORRECT THE RECORD™ clients have a way to show they care!

If Internet searches on your company name return negative comments prominently, searchers will be skeptical. You need a way to tell YOUR side of the story. Many so-called consumer advocacy sites use phrases such as SCAM, RIP OFF, and FRAUD in the subject lines and title tags of Web pages. This can create a negative perception about you and your company, deterring searchers from following the link to read your content and learn your account of what happened.

Disgruntled customers will be more inclined to post negative information about your company if they feel you did not show adequate concern for them or commitment to resolving their issue. Unhappy customers account for more lost business than happy customers for referrals. CORRECT THE RECORD™ makes it easy to resolve problems quickly before customers post online complaints.

Your customers DEMAND INSTANT SATISFACTION and keeping an open line of communication with them can help improve overall customer satisfaction and resolve customer service issues immediately before they become negative blog posts and/or chargeback events.

Resolving a service issue can create an UPSELL opportunity!


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