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DELL Alienware 13 and HP EliteBook 720 740 750 laptop detail

Now the notebook products mainly to light as the main selling point, so we in the 13 inch ~15 inch products can be found in low voltage processor exists, although the general consumer is in use and cannot detect between them and the standard voltage processor gap, but from the point of view of the two test, the gap is still very evident. Of course, the two in the pricing are definitely not the same, so consumers can according to their actual needs to decide.

HP EliteBook 750 G1 a black dress looks cool, design of A surface between the metal wiredrawing craft and imprint compared to pure style is more beautiful. Fingerprint problems is often consumers care about the problem, HP EliteBook 750 G1 in this performance is very good, gently wipe can be removed, will not bring too much trouble. HP EliteBook 750 G1 interior is simple, design of keyboard and touchpad is chocolate development mainstream, uses feel good, at the same time it in the heat endurance also has a good performance.

The performance of the color gamut, HP EliteBook 750 screen color and <a href=”″>HP EliteBook 750 G1 Battery</a> value reached 96% sRGB, the results can be said on the consumer level display is good, let alone appeared in the notebook computer screen. And the color temperature uniformity and contrast test, we can see the HP EliteBook 750 screen brightness at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, the consistency of a very good performance, basically can be maintained in 7400K, and the color temperature were also more stable.

In order to improve the display effect, it also uses the ASUS Splendid smart beautiful color technology, it can make the screen color is richer, more vivid picture content. At the same time, through the built-in software you can also adjust the model according to their own needs. The general model can precisely adjust the display of the color gamut to get comfortable visual experience, mainly is suitable for the daily work, document editing and viewing application scenarios.

Theater mode can make color of skin in the adjustment more accurate and true, for the movie and picture design context application. And vivid patterns can enhance the image color, contrast and resolution, so as to provide a more vivid visual effect, suitable for landscape scenery photos or movies. And if you are professional users can through professional manual mode to manually adjust the color temperature of <a href=”″>ASUS A550JK Battery</a>, to satisfy the application requirement.

This machine can also use a more lenient one touch control board design, the touch pad surface is very smooth, feels very comfortable. Touch not only large area and feature rich, support multi-point gesture input, can be achieved on the pictures and web page zoom, drag and multi finger touch control function, is more suitable for the application in the Windows 8 operating system.

The details, the C surface of DELL Alienware 13 with <a href=”″>DELL Alienware 13 Battery</a> by the metal design, palm pad part of the metal pull wire lines, not only look more fashionable, and wrist put up is also very comfortable. The palm rest left design running state indicating lamp, from right to left as the caps lock, digital small keyboard, wireless, hard disk status, battery status and hard running state indicating lamp, can let users understand the running status of the machine.

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