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There are 48 names in this directory beginning with the letter A.
A/D Converter: Analog/Digital Converter
Accelerator Board
ACCU: Association of C and C++ Users
Acoustic Coupler
ACR: Advanced Communications Riser
Active Component
Active Hub
Active Matrix Display
ADB: Apple Desktop Bus
Address Bus
Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT)
AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port
AIDC: Automatic Identification and Data
Allocated memory
Alpha Processor
Alpha Test
Alpha version
ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit
AMBA: Advanced Microcontroller Bus
American Wire Gauge
Amplifier Repeater
Analog Monitor
Answer-Only Modem
Antistatic Mat
ANVM: Active Nonvolatile Memory
Array Processor
Arrow Keys
Artificial brain
ASE: Amplified Spontaneous Emission
ASIC: Application-Specific Integrated Ci
Aspect Ratio
ASPI: Advanced SCSI Programming Interfac
Associative Memory
Associative Storage
AT Bus
AT Keyboard
ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA
ATAPI: AT Attachment Packet Interface
AUI: Attachment Unit Interface
AUX: Auxiliary devices
AVI: Audio Video Interleave

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