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There are 64 names in this directory beginning with the letter D.
D/A converter
DAA: Data Access Arrangement
DAC: Digital-to-Analog converter
DACS: Digital Access and Cross-connect S
Daisy Wheel Printer
Dark Fiber
DAS: Direct Attached Storage
Data Cartridge
Data Processing
Data Projector
Database Server
DAW: Digital Audio Workstation
DB Connector: Database Bus connector
DDB: Device Dependent Bitmap
DDC: Digital Down Converter
DDC: Display Data Channel
DDR Memory: Double Data Rate Memory
DDR-2: Double Data Rate Two
DDR-SDRAM: Double Data Rate-Synchronous
DDR:Double Date Rate
DDR2-SDRAM: Double Data Rate 2 Synchrono
DDRAM: Double Data rate Random Access Me
Dead Pixel
Demarcation Point
Desktop Computer
Device Programmer
DIB: Dual Independent Bus
Digital Filter
Digital Monitor
DIN Connector: Deutsche Industrie Norm C
DIP Sswitch: Dual-Inline Package Switch
DIP: Dual In-line Package
Direct Thermal
Direct-Connect Modem
Disk Access
Disk Cache
Disk Drive
Disk Format
DIVX: Digital Video Express
DLC: Data Link Control
DLP: Digital Light Processing
DLT: Digital Linear Tape
Dot Pitch
DPMI: DOS Protected Mode Interface
DPMS: Display Power Management Signaling
DPMS: Display Power Management System
DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory
DSLAM: Digital Subscriber Line Access Mu
DSP: Digital Signal Processing
DSP: Digital Signal Processor
DSTN: Double-layer Super-Twist Nematic
Dual-Homed Host
Dual-Scan Display
DUC: Digital Up Converter
Dumb Terminal
DVI: Digital Visual Interface
Dvorak Keyboard

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