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There are 70 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Packet Buffer
Packet Switching
PAD: Packet Assembler / Disassembler
Page Down Key
Page Printer
Page Up Key
Page-White Display
PAL: Phase Alternating Line
Parallel Interface
Parallel Port
Passive-Matrix Display
Patch Cord
Patch Panel
PCB: Printed Circuit Board
PCI Express
PCI-X: PCI Extended
PCL: Printer Control Language
PCMCIA: Personal Computer Memory Card In
PDA: Personal Digital Assistant
PDP-10: Programmed Data Processor model
PDP-11: Programmed Data Processor model
Peripheral Equipment
Personal Computer
PGA: Pin Grid Array
Photo Printer
Photo Scanner
PIA: Peripheral Interface Adapter
PIC: Personal Internet Communicator
PID: Proportional Integral Derivative
Pincushion Distortion
Pipeline Burst Cache
Plasma Display
PLCC: Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLD: Programmable Logic Device
PLED: Polymer (polymeric) Light-Emitting
PnP: Plug and Play
Pointing Device
Polyfont Recognition
Port Mapped I/O
Port Switcing Hub
Posted Write-Through
PPGA: Plastic Pin Grid Array
PPI: Pixels per inch
PRAM: Parameter RAM
Primary Cache
Primary Storage
Print Server
Printer Driver
Printer Engine
Printer Spooling
PROM: Programmable Read-Only Memory
Protocol Stack
Proxy Cache
Proxy Gateway
Proxy Server
PS/2 Port
Punchdown Block
PWM: Pulse Width Modulation

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