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Did You Know January is “National Clean Up Your Computer” Month?

As you may know, it can be very frustrating to use a computer that is not running as fast as it should. To help get started, we will share several tips for boosting PC performance, such as cleaning out hard drive clutter, running maintenance tools and organizing and managing files.

Remove Temp Files:The first thing to do is to eliminate temporary files.  Every time, we download, install or use a software program, we create and also use temporary files, which often remain stored on the computer, creating clutter and wasted disk space. Temporary Internet files are also created, and stored through the browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) and are basically copies of web content from the Internet web pages visited. These files are often stored in the browser’s temporary files folder, but even if the user deletes the contents of the folder they may still exist, remaining hidden, continuing to take up precious disk space, and slowing system resources.  Fortunately, there are many easy-to-use utility software programs available to quickly rid one’s computer of these temporary files, while also recommending which files should be saved or removed.

Schedule Maintenance :Scheduling a routine scan with an all-in-one maintenance wizard will allow a user to simply click a button, walk away, and return to find the job done. This is ideal for the working person who is unable to squeeze in the time to manually weed through every aspect of his/her computer and spot what needs fixing. All-in-one maintenance wizards can also be customized by choosing the "custom" option, allowing the user some freedom to choose what is to be scanned and cleaned, when, and how. The “express” option trusts the wizard to use the default and most common settings to run completely on their own. Such tasks include "defrag," error-scanning of the hard disk and disk clean-up.  Aiming to schedule a scan once a month, is a good start for monitoring routine tune-ups. A scheduled task can always be altered or removed, and a new task can be added at any time.

Organize Computer Files:Once the performance of one’s PC has been improved, users can take this newfound cleanliness and better performance one step further and boost productivity.  By using a file management system, users can significantly accelerate file organization and search tasks while optimizing time efficiencies. File managers perform such tasks as hard drive indexing, enabling users to quickly and easily locate files on the desktop and laptop. This includes the ability to broaden the scope of a program’s search functionality and more comprehensively manage their files.  Some file managers may allow users to color code system files, folder names and image types, ultimately simplifying the file identification process and prioritize files.

Take a few minutes to resolve computer issues now and the rest of the year you can sit back, relax and enjoy other less-celebrated holidays such as Country Music Month and National Frozen Food Month.

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