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Different Metrics Related to Server Monitoring

In its most generic form, server monitoring refers to the collection of machine and network level metrics for monitoring the working of web and application servers. Different system resources related to the server such as CPU utilization, memory usage, disk I/O utilization, disk capacity, network, process etc. are constantly monitored to ensure smooth execution of enterprise level applications. If a problem in any of these metrics is observed then troubleshooting process is employed to rectify them. Many software companies in Gurgaon provide server monitoring services with other host of IT services to their clients.

Server monitoring includes different types of tools that provide various server related solutions. Physical server monitoring refers to the monitoring of physical environment in which the server operates. In this, external factors like temperature, humidity etc. that could affect the working of server are constantly scrutinized. Mission critical processes such as datacenters and emergency systems employ such monitoring tools to avoid system failure.

Web server monitoring which is done with the help of web server software checks the vital parameters of the network to gauge its performance level and any anomalies that arise in due course. It also possesses the capability of notifying software users about the problems occurred and could set predefined values for various metrics. Various metrics monitored by it includes firewall monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, router monitoring, switch monitoring, packet sniffing, VoIP monitoring etc. All of these web server monitoring services are provided by many IT companies in India especially in the Gurgaon and Noida region.

Firewall monitoring oversees the traffic coming in and going out of the network so that any suspicious activities could be detected, isolated and deleted before they could cause serious damage to the entire network. Bandwidth monitoring scrutinizes the pattern of bandwidth usage and fluctuations that are experienced from time to time. How individual nodes are using/exploiting the bandwidth available and detecting unwarranted & unusual traffic flow allow it to take timely actions.

Router monitoring which is software based routing makes use of specific routing protocols to ensures that the data is seamlessly transferred within the network. Choosing the right bandwidth for assisting various enterprise level applications could be determined through router monitoring such that congestion in the network could be accordingly eliminated. Switch monitoring allows administrators to know which ports are underutilized and which one are over utilized. Find a web interface to view your server health and alert you with notifications as and when required.

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