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Distractor Avoidance for USMLE Step 3 and Step 2CK – Unique product from Archer Review

USMLE Galaxy, LLC (, a leading education provider for doctors preparing for USMLE announced today, the release of “Distractor Avoidance” Multiple Choice Questions for USMLE step 3 and USMLE Step 2CK. USMLE Step 3 and USMLE Step 2CK are mandatory exams that need to be passed in order to get a license to practice as a physician in the United States. Yearly, thousands of medical graduates and students take these exams world-wide. USMLE Step 3 and Step 2CK test on general concepts that are required to understand and practice concepts of general medicine and family medicine. Usually, most examinees are comfortable preparing for this exam on their own. 
Several courses are available in the market for USMLE step3 and Step 2CK but most of these reviews require a student to attend their live courses in person there by, increasing the cost involved and decreasing the time-efficiency. In the year 2008, USMLE Galaxy introduced unique web-based live reviews in the form of online live webinars. The introduction of these courses made it possible for the students to access a live review from anywhere in the world at a very minimum price. USMLE Galaxy introduced Dr.Red CCS Workshop in June 2008 and in the past two years, has trained at least 15000 students. Now, Dr.Red CCS Workshop ( Archer CCS Workshop) and Archer USMLE Pay-Per-View Theory lectures are considered a must-do for USMLE Step 3 and Step 2CK test takers to pass this exam with ease. Over the years, Archer Review has also established a strong and satisfied customer base which is evident by it’s prominent presence on the Social networks like Facebook ( and LinkedIn . Archer USMLE Blogs ( cater to thousands of students by posting useful reviews on high-yield concepts and board-style logical, analytical questions free of cost on the web. 
After releasing such popular, innovative and highly successful products, Archer Review, in partnership with 99thpercentile, inc., is now introducin “Distractor Avoidance” method for answering USMLE questions. This unique method is expected to help thousands of USMLE examinees by training them the accurate methods to avoid the close distractors in multiple choice questions on the USMLE
This is considered by USMLE aspirants as a new and revolutionary way to study for USMLE Step 2CK, Step 3 and MCCQE. Distractor Avoidance uses only the most HIGH-YIELD concepts and turns them into questions that are most likely to come up on the boards. 
Pavan.M, USMLE Galaxy’s Managing Partner said, ” Archer review offers USMLE Step 3 review, Step 3 CCS Workshop ( Dr.Red CCS Workshop), Live Lectures, USMLE Step 2 review and USMLE Step 1 courses that are done online in a live webinar format making education interactive, inexpensive and effortless. Over the past one year, Archer Review has trained about 15000 Step 3 and Step 2CK students through these unique online live lectures and CCS workshop with high pass rates of 98%. As our reviews increased the success rates, there has been a sudden upsurge in the demand for more unique web-based products. Hence, we partnered with 99thpercentile,inc and are now introducing a unique web application “Distractor Avoidance” method for answering USMLE Multiple Choice Questions. The DistractorAvoidance method is a unique way for you to learn all of the right answers for the most commonly asked questions. It teaches you how to avoid choosing the wrong answer by providing clear distinctions between the correct answer and the one you’re most likely to choose (i.e. “the most common wrong answer”). to create an intelligent study tool that produces results without extra work for the student. 
After years of searching for the best way to study for multiple-choice exams, 99th Percentile developed Distractor Avoidance. It is actually a very simple idea that many educators have overlooked. If you think back to the last time you took a multiple choice exam, you will likely remember the process you went through in your attempt to answer the questions. The usual process works like this: First you read the question. Then, you look at the answer choices. Let’s say there are five answer choices. Usually, you can eliminate two of those quite easily. The third one, you may eliminate with a little more effort, but almost always, you are left with two final answer choices. One of those answer choices is correct, while the other is “the most common wrong answer”. That means that the majority of students taking the exam, looking at this question, are left with the same two answer choices. Which answer is the right one? Which one is the most common wrong answer? Why? This is where Distractor Avoidance comes in!
We have taken all of the most commonly tested concepts and most frequently asked questions and narrowed down their answer choices to only two options: the right answer and the most common wrong answer. Your job is to read the question and select one of those answer choices. After doing so, you will be told about whether or not you are right, and then be provided with a very detailed explanation of why and the exact differences between the two choices. By this process, you will learn all the right answers and all the most common wrong answers, as well as the important medical knowledge linking the two.
All of the content is PEER-REVIEWED by experienced physicians who have all scored in the 99th percentile on their USMLE exams or Canadian boards. All of the questions you will encounter are confirmed to be top High-Yield concepts”.

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