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DOCTO: New App to Revolutionize Fitness and Medical Wearables

Vancouver, Canada, November 23, 2014 –(– There are a lot of Apps designed to target the health-conscious fitness market each claiming to be better than the next, but DOCTO has them all beat. Most wearable devices, whether they log medical or fitness data, are nothing more than a standard tracking system with a digital journal attached to them. DOCTO takes things one step further by analyzing the data collected by wearable devices to provide diagnostics to the user.

The man behind the Vancouver-based startup, Amir Hayeri (CEO/Founder) explains how the groundbreaking technology works. “DOCTO is an App that complements wearable devices by analyzing the biometric data they collect from our bodies. The Application is designed to recognize particular combinations of high and low readings that indicate a significant health development. In a process that is very similar to how a healthcare professional would examine your health data, DOCTO examines your health, learns about your daily behaviors including diet and exercise and monitors your vitals to determine the state of your overall health.” The Application monitors Biometric data over time, for these combinations and notifies the user when a sudden change occurs that may require further testing or treatment. Hayeri states, “Having DOCTO is like having a highly-qualified doctor whose only patient is you.”

Unlike a lot of fitness tracking devices, DOCTO’s impressive ability to examine and integrate multiple Biometrics from various devices such as Glucose, heart rate and blood pressure monitors is what sets it apart. The ability to integrate multiple metrics enables the application to increase the accuracy of the collected data.The technology is applicable to many wearables that have recently been developed like smart fabrics and sweat analyzers. DOCTO can monitor vitals and inform at-risk individuals of irregularities in their general well being. DOCTO will let a well-trained athlete know when their body is being pushed too hard. DOCTO can recognize and help prevent Recurrent Hypoglycemia for diabetics. DOCTO’s ability to use Biometrics to deliver diagnostics is what sets the application apart.

The founder dreamt up the idea of DOCTO during his sophomore year in college while trying to manage a handful of similar gadgets all in order to track and managed his vitals. “I realized early on that the data could be managed more effectively but back then storage was the issue.” The idea of a solution that integrated all of this information began to formulate. The technology wasn’t available when Hayeri was in college but since then the industry has evolved and the possibility of DOCTO became a probability after the release of the native Apps designed to record vitals and fitness data. DOCTO takes full advantage of the data collected by newly using native Apps like Google Fit and programs for recording vital statistics like the Health App from Apple.

After completing successful prototyping, DOCTO is currently in the funding phase. The good news about an APP with unique capabilities not hitting the market yet is that there is still room for potential investors. The bad news about DOCTO not hitting the market yet is that DOCTO isn’t hitting the market yet. DOCTO doesn’t collect numbers, DOCTO turns your numbers into useful information; useful information that could lead to early detection of specific medical conditions. DOCTO could actually save lives.

DOCTO is a young startup company in Vancouver, BC. They aim to create the first computer program that automates the diagnoses process. They have been featured on local startup news outlets, such as BCIC and [email protected] Currently they are running a crowd funding campaign to determine public interest for such products.

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