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Does Online Flirting Predict Offline Revolution?

LONDON February 17, 2011 Egypt Tunisia Egypt Tunisia

While researching something else entirely, Badoo has discovered evidence of a striking correlation between online flirting and offline protest.

Lloyd Price



Cairo Cairo Cairo Africa’s

Africa’s Algiers

Media headlines by now declared, "Yesterday Egypt, Today Algeria".

"We don’t mean to be frivolous or opportunistic," says Price. "But the correlation is compelling."

So, what explains it?

North Africa

And these protesters are wired.

Tunis Cairo Algiers Cairo’s Wael Ghoneim

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, global news agency, UPI reports, "Euro-based Badoo and Bebo also pitched their cyber tents and fielded ‘town criers’." And, when Facebook and Twitter were blocked, many protesters used Badoo instead. Social networks have enabled the masses to co-ordinate online, and protest offline.

Tunisia’s Cairo’s

    Africa's Five Most Flirtatious Cities      RANK  CITY                  SCORE*      1.    Tunis (Tunisia)       24.7     2.    Algiers (Algeria)     22.4     3.    Cairo (Egypt)         21.9     4.    Wahran (Algeria)      21.8     5     Rabat (Morocco)       21.3 

* Key: Average number of online flirtations initiated per month by Badoo users there.

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