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Does Website Age Can Yield You Better Benefits?

Age of a Website

Strangely, the ranking of a website is influenced by the age and history of a website. Evidently, Google likes to see the website domains that have been registered for quite a long time. Another good reason behind this is that it exudes owner's commitment to keep the website and its content updated. One such significant factor that backs the age factor of the website is the registration. What really impacts the age is for how long you have registered your website?Have you registered it for 5, 6 or 10 years which exhibits your credibility to the search engine or have you just purchased a domain name for spamming and generating revenues through ads?

Truly, these fly by night website are easily recognized and certainly warded off from the search engines within months.

1. Backlinks

Age surely plays a significant factor and will yield results if other things are managed effectively. Backlink generation strategy is one such aspect. Google algorithm gives much weightage to the quality of back links generated rather than the quantity. There is a constant need of checking whether your links are bad or are broken or in use or not? Another think you need to analyze is whether these back links are giving any benefits and if not, then you have to unload the same. The type of anchor text used by you in links is another major factor. In addition, the sites that provide back links are of high authority or just the directories can make a big difference.

2. Page Ranking

Google's algorithm considers number of factors when giving a rank to your website. Though age is one, another is certainly, Page ranking(though a smaller one). If you will get backlinks from websites of high page ranks, the more are the probabilities of acquiring a better position on search engine. Or it could be the duration for which your visitors are spending time on your website that affects the ranking to a significant extent.

3. Quality of Links

As discussed above, quality of a link pays off and relevancy of the back links matter a lot. What really matters while determining the quality of link is whether your site is related to the theme of your own website or not?This is so because if your competitors website is much more relevantly related to the site it is getting back links from, then it is sure to get more traffic and high ranking as link relevancy benefit.

In a Nutshell, it is intelligent to acquire links from age-old domains that have high weightage on search engines. Because the older a site, the higher the rank it will get on search engine.

Kabir Bedi is a senior web consultant that holds more than 10 years of experience in web design in India. Working with a leading IT company, Lexolution IT Services, he has provided exclsuive web designing and web development India.

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