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Don’t Exceed Sensible Car Insurance Excess Levels

CHESTER, England April 24, 2012

  • Selecting a higher voluntary excess on your car insurance may cost motorists more in the long term, warns MoneySupermarket


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Peter Harrison MoneySupermarket , said:

willing to pay

"Our research also shows that increasing the excess levels on motor insurance, in some cases, can have a minimal impact on prices. For example, the difference between the average car insurance price for a policy with a £200 excess and one with a £400 excess was just £25; so someone looking for car insurance needs to consider whether the short term savings are worth potential higher costs in the future, should you make a claim."

Notes to editors:

1. Cost of a car insurance premium


              Premium   Premium   Premium   Premium   Premium   Premium   Premium              Excess    Excess    Excess    Excess    Excess    Excess    Excess               GBP0     GBP100    GBP200    GBP250    GBP300    GBP400    GBP500        1    GBP512.83 GBP437.47 GBP408.98 GBP391.98 GBP387.91 GBP365.93 GBP348.91        2    GBP534.50 GBP451.92 GBP415.60 GBP413.50 GBP413.03 GBP393.92 GBP376.90        3    GBP581.94 GBP479.91 GBP436.97 GBP419.97 GBP415.90 GBP410.85 GBP408.62        4    GBP589.59 GBP529.93 GBP493.07 GBP482.60 GBP473.46 GBP466.52 GBP460.45        5    GBP604.50 GBP545.11 GBP507.97 GBP497.50 GBP488.36 GBP481.42 GBP475.36        6    GBP632.43 GBP549.20 GBP517.85 GBP515.22 GBP510.49 GBP503.19 GBP496.83        7    GBP642.36 GBP550.14 GBP525.36 GBP519.26 GBP514.77 GBP510.92 GBP497.14        8    GBP648.87 GBP564.10 GBP531.07 GBP520.08 GBP516.22 GBP512.04 GBP509.28        9    GBP805.60 GBP590.02 GBP537.42 GBP530.00 GBP522.58 GBP513.17 GBP510.12       10    GBP976.26 GBP606.32 GBP592.54 GBP584.06 GBP575.58 GBP563.92 GBP548.02     Average GBP652.89 GBP530.41 GBP496.68 GBP487.42 GBP481.83 GBP472.19 GBP463.16 

18.04.12 s top tips for getting a cheaper car insurance quote:

  • Fit an alarm:
  • Use a black box
  • Change your excess:
  • Check your mileage:
  • Minimise your optional extras:
  • Be careful where you park:
  • Add a partner or parent to your policy:
  • Opt for smaller engine sized car:’s customer commitment

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