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Dozen Knocks Nokia

Nokia may be one of the leading cell phone [1] manufacturers in the world, but DozenMobile tells it like it is and has ranked the mobile giant’s app store as a Flop! So how did this happen? Well, the editors at sat down and tested all the mobile apps sites they could find. Then, they selected 12, yes just 12, of the entire mobile apps industry and tested them out by using a range of parameters. After these tests, we found that just couldn’t compete with the brilliance of other app stores such as Blackberry’s App World and Apple’s App Store ( of the apps on Nokia’s store were viewed as overpriced – between $8-10 USD. Competing app stores sell mobile applications for considerably less money. There were no support options on the main page, or even the purchase page. Not a promising sign for a major mobile apps [2] site. Nokia could have used the leverage of its millions of customers for some sort of online social community – but it didn’t. So, despite all the hype, failed to pass the Dozen ranking.“Nokia are great at making cell phones but unfortunately compared to their competitors in the market, they are not so good at making websites. We, at purely grade the online side of the industry, so the much-hyped found itself in the bottom of our Flops. Perhaps when it is re-launched later this year the site can make up some ground and find itself in the Tops with Apple, Google Mobile and Blackberry.”– Daniel Raz, Editor at About is the new online mobile [3] index from parent website From phones to mobile networks, mobile games to mobile downloads, mobile apps to mobile stores, we pick 12 websites for each category helping you make the right decision for the right reasons. The Future is Now!Push the button and check out which mobile sites rock the online world..This unique online mobile index is jam-packed with the very latest mobile news from the online industry, as well as reviews, events, pictures, videos and stats. Brutally honest and completely independent, separates the Tops from the Flops, with the use of Dozen Media’s cutting-edge ARS [1] [2] [3]

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