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Driven to Distraction Costing Brits £3.3 Million* a Year

CHESTER, England July 18, 2011

A Conviction for "Driving Without due Care and Attention" Increases Motor Insurance Premiums by up to 27 per Cent

Changing Music, Eating and Drinking While Driving Among Worst Habits Behind the Wheel


[ 1 ]

  • Changing stations on the radio/changing a CD (61 per cent)
  • Eating and drinking (51 per cent)
  • Taking mobile phone calls (23 per cent)

Northern Ireland

Peter Harrison car insurance expert at said:

[ 2 ]

Peter Harrison continued:

Notes to Editors:

*Number of CD10 Convictions in 2010 – 16,485 *£202.56

[ 1 ] May 28 – 31 2011

[ Driving Distractions by type ]

                                                  Percentage of             Driving Distraction               motorists      [Changed stations on the     radio/changed CD/ changed music on     my IPOD]                                   [61%]     [Had a drink]                              [51%]     [Eaten a snack]                            [51%]     [Taken/made calls on a non     hands-free mobile phone]                   [23%]     [Slowed down to watch accidents]           [21%]     [Sent text messages on a mobile     phone]                                     [16%]     [Not used your seatbelt]                   [15%]     [Fallen asleep/dozed]                       [5%]     [Applied     aftershave/perfume/lipstick/make-up]        [5%]     [Updated my profile/been on facebook     via my mobile phone/smart phone]            [2%]     [Tweeted via my mobile phone/smart     phone]                                      [1%] 

[ 2 ] Motor insurance premiums for a clean licence vs. a CD10 conviction code:

                                            Licence with                                          a CD10          Provider       Clean Licence  conviction      AXA                   GBP603.53    GBP1,006.12     Swiftcover            GBP640.98     GBP806.95     Privilege             GBP699.60    GBP1,019.72     LV=                   GBP720.49        N/A     esure                 GBP777.16        N/A     Churchill             GBP867.08    GBP1,239.14     Endsleigh             GBP883.08    GBP1,525.87           Average         GBP741.70     GBP944.26 08.06.2011

th June 2011

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