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Dyonyx specializes in technology consulting with proven methodologies and practical experience.

With offices in Dallas, Washington, DC, and London, Houston-based Dyonyx specializes in technology consulting with proven methodologies and practical experience. Director of business development Tim Barto talks about solving problems, adding value, and showing a dose of servitude.

How did Dyonyx get started?

Two partners, Chuck Orrico and Fred Pratt, decided that there was genuine value in offering big IT company methods and experience to small and medium sized businesses for less money. They put their money where their mouth is and had immediate success.

Interestingly, these days, all companies regardless of their size are demanding more value and better pricing, thus the Dyonyx strategy continues to pay off. However, we have continually raised the bar and now serve federal, state and local government clients as well as multi-national, multi-billion dollar customers with the same commitment to world class service at reasonable rates.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

We are a services company. We solve peoples’ business problems using process improvement methods and a deft understanding of their business and their pain, then apply experience, clarity, technology and a heavy dose of customer-focused servitude. There are plenty of companies that do what we do but we cut a pretty broad path as a services provider which allows us to add a lot of value.

And as a mid-tier consulting firm, we still scrutinize every purchase, both for ourselves and our clients. We also have some sizzle, like a specialized security practice for energy companies in managing the risk of their process controls environment. We also have data center capabilities so we can provide hosting of core and redundant applications which completes our risk management capabilities.

What makes your company unique?

We have proven methods, lots of practical experience, deep technical skills, and fair rates. Sounds trite, but we do the block and tackling basics of infrastructure support really, really well.

And we’re thorough. We bake security into every single thing we do so you get that as a bonus which these days is valuable. We exploit our size and flexibility. If a client wants it and it’s in our strike zone and we can make money, more often than not we figure out a way to do it if it helps our customer.

Also, our president is a fanatic for customer service. He actually sits down and writes a letter to other presidents of huge companies if he has a great or horrible experience and tells them about it.

The servant mentality is droned into everyone at every level here. If you are an outsource client and you ask our desktop guys to fix your computer problem, we go way beyond the call to make sure it’s fixed and you know what we did and how to avoid it in the future if possible and ultimately don’t feel like a moron for not knowing.

We joke that if you ask our guys to take out the trash or move the couch, they’re happy to do it. We work for you. There are lots of books written on the subject but common courtesy is not all that common anymore. So it gets noticed if you do it, with sincerity, all the time, every time. Or at least try to.

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