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Earth Mom to the Rescue

Las Vegas, NV, October 17, 2014 –(– A Nevada businessman thinks he has identified the “missing link” required to help inspire global commerce into becoming much more accountable for the global pollution created each year. He proposes a simple yet elegant solution wrapped in the form of an Environmental Policy page for each business to post on their website. It’s entirely up to each business to create a page of their own that’s comfortable to their needs and link it to the Earth Mom icon. Once posted, it’s up to the consumer to access the mountains of information that’s becoming available via smart phone, to determine while shopping, which businesses they ultimately wish to reward with their patronage.

Part of creating and linking just such a policy page, comes with an obligation for businesses to alert their employees, shareholders, clients, partners, affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, suppliers, etc., and asking them to help hold the entity to task. The impact of failing to create such a page could mean being passed over by consumers seeking to reward those business entities whom are most willing to do more in helping to reduce the affects of global pollution.

Best of all, the license to link Environmental Policy pages to the new Earth Mom icon is forever free to world, so there’s really no excuse unless you or your business prefer profits over pollution. Businesses who need help getting started, are free to contact [email protected] Scores of sample pages are available for them to emulate and Earth Mom icons are available to download.

The founder feels that any viable solution to our global pollution problems has to be rooted in and motivated by global economics, to have any chance at permanently gaining traction. His solution once embraced will definitely meet that requirement. In addition to global commerce, the founder hopes to see individuals begin to adopt increasingly better eco-friendly habits in their own households. The website is adding thousands of tips on how households and businesses can save energy, reduce waste and cut costs. Those individuals who feel a commitment of this nature is something they can live with, can signify their devotion by adding the Earth Mom icon to their MS Outlook or other types of stored signatures. In this manner, Earth Mom will quickly begin to gain traction first around the country and then around the globe.

Lastly, the founder of Earth Mom is hoping to garner some last minute media attention in waning hours of an opportunity to qualify for a $150,000 grant. He needs 235 more votes to qualify for the next round of consideration. If you likewise feel the cause is noble and the global impact can be far reaching, go to and add your vote.

For more information, visit the Earth Mom site or contact the founder directly. But don’t forget to Vote Now. Direct Facebook Link

Pollution – It’s just not in her nature!

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