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Eco Wave Power Successfully Installed its First Fully Operational Wave Energy Power Plant

TEL AVIV, Israel May 24, 2012

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A video of the testing is available at:   http://www.yout u

The Black Sea provided Eco Wave Power with real-life conditions necessary for the testing of EWP’s wave energy devices under uncontrolled wave heights and wave periods.

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The next phase of EWP will be to move the medium-scale power plant to a different coastal structure, in order to show our potential clients that EWP’s wave energy generation system can be easily connected to almost any ocean structure.  After this, EWP will build its first commercial scale Sea Wave Power Plant, and reveal the construction and production prices, this will be cheaper than any other renewable or traditional energy generation system.

David Leb Eco Wave Power Cornell EWP wants to prove that there is another way for energy generation. The clean way is the right way for the world."

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The results of the tests were very encouraging, and the officials from the Kiev Institute stated the following: "All floaters of Eco Wave Power Company have proved their workability… According to the results of the tests, we have reached a decision to recommend enlarging the model to greater sizes."

David Leb Eco Wave Power Eco Wave Power

With this in mind, Mr. Leb made an even bolder statement, and guaranteed to execute a fully operational system, able to produce 5KW from each floater, during the first quarter of 2012.

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Today, Eco Wave Power Company is proud to announce that we have achieved our goal.

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